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  1. Actually the official charts and procedures got updated last month. 25R now officially has a QFU of 244 and 25L a QFU of 249. The SIDs, approaches and go arounds have all been modified to reflect the latest change. Also their namings were modified, f.e. SOPOK7C became SOPOK8C. Don't know when or if they will change the runway names soon though. To my liking changing them into runway 24 and 25 would be too confusing . Cheers
  2. Hey guys, I didn't see if anyone mentioned it before, but the last few months DHL has been erecting a new hangar next to the LH Technics hanger on the north side of the airport. Construction is moving very fast so maybe in the next few weeks or months someone could have a good picture of it. I'm Brussels based flight crew so if I can be of any assistance I'd love to be. Also, I'm not sure if this difference can even be simulated, but runway 25L has full LED lighting nowadays. It's a lot brighter compared to the older lights. Cheers
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