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  1. SgtBel4

    Excessive Fuel use

    I too can confirm, just took off ACA808 CYUL-GMMN with was 10.0 as EFOB at take off power set. Turning Left to first way point on LNAV and then EFOB bang! -7.0 and EFOB is now 3.0. I'm sure it will wash back in just at the T/D like it always does. Not complaining. Just adding more details that still exists in Tankering it will be Thanks Aerosoft. Hopefull this can be fixed and included in ? Jody
  2. SgtBel4

    Excessive Fuel use

    Fuel Used 1.6 ??? REM 51.6? Just after unpausing at the T/D the fuel jumped back up. It was showing 5.1 as mentioned above
  3. SgtBel4

    Excessive Fuel use

    Well went out for supper with friends. Came home to a paused SIM at the T/D showing a predicted EFOB of 5.1. This is great.....UNTIL, I unpaused the sim and the fuel jumped automatically up to 52,000KGS after unpausing. Now showing an EFOB of 51,500 KGS? Damn, I give up. Almost time to put it in the hangar for a while.... Jody
  4. SgtBel4

    Excessive Fuel use

    Mathijs, I have noticed something. I was using the LBS/POUNDS version, then i switched to the KGS/TONNE version and just took off for YYZ- from LHR... Since switching to KGS, my predictions are still slightly off but my EFOB at YYZ is not negative. planned as 10.5 at the threshold and after take off its now 5.1 (not unreasonable). Could the issue be a simple LBS to KG or KG to LBS issue? Just trying to help Jody
  5. SgtBel4

    Excessive Fuel use

    I can confirm there are still issues with with respect to fuel. EHAM-EGLL took 46,000 lbs EFOB before take off was 33.7. After takeoff and on SID it snaps to 25,300 on arrival. Just about to start descent and have 39,500 lbs.....Latest Activesky. If someone wants to watch my screen on screen share id be happy to help...
  6. Dave, There IS 100% a problem with the FUEL, EFOB and the machine hiding about 10,000-20,000 units of fuel that disappears after take off then reappears on descent. There is a glitch. I have had 5 flights with this behaviour. I am simply tankering additional fuel of the discrepancy to PAD my EFOB numbers. The same happens with or without Active Sky.....
  7. so FOB....OK.... So Leg #2, LSZH-OMDB all is great, line up EFOB #'s are good, 11.2 on arrival at OMDB, advance levers to FLEX, rotate take off, retract FLAPS then WHAM, EFOB is -3.8 on arrival at OMDB. I took 84,700 pounds....I am now also seeing the EFOB of the Last Waypoint being SERIOUSLY off, from exactly what you were saying.....
  8. Howdy everyone, I am currently flying CYUL-LSZH and was suffering from a NEGATIVE EFOB, despite having enough virtual juice for the LEG. (I took extra to see assist with my investigation.) I had noticed that as i approached the end of the NAT track, my sim had refreshed and reloaded scenery etc... at that exact moment, the FOB increased by approximately what I was SHORT and am now predicting an EFOB of 11.1 on arrival with the STAR fully programmed. I'm not sure what is causing the fuel discrepancy, but until then I'll keep testing and tankering fuel. Not sure if this is a Trim Tank issue, or where the fuel is hiding. Just wanted to help others out. Regards, Jody ALSO....as a friendly reminder, make sure those FUEL PUMPS are ON! Not sure whether the position of the actual switch actually tinkers with the mathematics, in some way shape or form. Yes mine were on
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