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  1. Hello did you find a solution to the problem of light in the cockpit? many people have the same problem it will be good to correct it because it is very embarrassing. all my other planes are working properly so it's not a problem with my comptuter. thanks
  2. I do not understand, even with the file I still have the problem. when I start the flight, the button is already on 100%. and the cockpit lights are off.
  3. hello, I also create the file with the code but it does not work for me. Can you send them to me in the tropic as an attachment? and can you tell me what to do once the file and in the folder "Gauges"? thank you
  4. It's weird, all the lights work except the cockpit and the logo
  5. No, I do not have this addon installed I reinstalled Airbus Pro. I updated the graphics driver I added the RealLight.ini file and I still have the same problem
  6. Hello, I just created the file but the problem is still there. it's really embarrassing I can not fly at night. thanks
  7. Hello, thank you for your answers, can you tell me how I install realLight and how can I activate it in P3D ? I have a GTX 650 and it is compatible with directX 11, I checked, so I think it's a setting I did not activate in P3D or an addon that I did not install. thank you
  8. Hello, I bought yesterday the airbus bundle for P3D and the cockpit lights do not work. I used all the buttons well but the cockpit remains black. The buttons on the overhead panel are also on. Can you help me please? thank you
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