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  1. Cheers Mithijs Coincidently today I installed v1.21, having been an original X and extended v1.01 purchaser Wow What a terrific piece of work with no framerate hit, I flew a route flown by Aeropelican, Sydney to Newcastle (Australia, my home) at low altitude and saw all of the after market scenery with no stutters. What a great VC, what a great product, what great continuing support Thanks Lew
  2. I would like to request the Skytraders A319 115 Australian Antarctic Division charter, the first commercial jet airliner to land on Antarctica etablish a passenger service and the first to successfuly operate from the Wilkins blue-ice runway. Also the A319 rescued an expeditioner in a mid-winter medical evacuation. A significant AC. Cheers
  3. Another great repaint G'day, had a look at your great work, here is an iteresting subject, a one-off you may be interested in looking at. The Australian Antarctic division A319 LR it may make an itersting livery for those who want to try the Antarctic route. cheers and keep up the great work Lewis Slarke
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