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  1. I was able to calm down the erratic frame rates (mentioned in my previous post) by disabling the wx radar scanning in the background....especially for P3D V 3.1, but now I have issues with the autopilot disconnecting when using the hat switch or any other button on my VRinsight yoke. No key mapping conflicts that I can see. That's another story not related to this thread though. May end up removing the Airbus from P3D until AS can optimize things a bit better. Had no issues with the earlier versions of the Airbus.
  2. I'm having erratic frame rate issues with 1.31. I didn't have this problem with the previous Airbus version. I don't know what changed with 1.31 to cause this, as I did a clean uninstall of the previous Airbus version and clean install of 1.31. I even turned off all logging and ECAM rendering. The erratic frame rates from 30 to 10 and back on a continuous basis in FSX and less severe in P3D v2.5. The frame rates are erratic in all views. I even tried different Nvidia drivers for the 780 GTX I have and nothing changed with relation to the erratic frame rates. I have wondered if it has anything to do with the latest build of ASN, but I am really uncertain. My system is Win 7-64, 8G Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600 Mhz, vid card already mentioned, 17 2600K OC'd 4.6 Ghz. I have always enjoyed the Airbus but this latest build is giving me some headaches to figure out as far as the performance goes. Thanks for any input you can give! Joe
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a go... Before I go through this process, as mentioned above about the FS9.exe modification, will the modification work with the no cd patch version? That's primarily what I use now, but I do have a back up of the original .exe. I was wondering if modifying it would cause some problems.
  4. Nick, your suggestion about the boot.ini above....does this apply to 32 bit systems with 2G of ram as well? I have been able to shoot one ILS approach to RWY 27L with the Flight1 ATR-72. Try using PMDG 747 or LDS 767, forget it. CTD. This is the only payware airport I have that I cannot make a successful approach without having a CTD or OOM error. Sure, I can fly out of EGLL all day long without problems. It's flying TO EGLL that really irks me.
  5. Hi again, After not attempting any other flights to Heathrow in quite some time due to the CTDs, I decided to try with a Captain Sim C130 from LOWS. This time I got a successful landing at EGLL(RWY 09R) in bad wx conditions, but when I changed views, I immediately got a CTD. Darn it! I checked the event file and indicated a g2d.dll error this time. No other airport, add-on or freeware, has any sort of CTD on approach or otherwise. Before anyone asks...yes, everything I have is patched to currency, drivers are up to date and there shouldn't have been a g2d.dll error either. Let's face it, something isn't correct with this scenery. Joe
  6. As of this date, I am still getting a CTD while approximately 20nm from EGLL. I even set AI traffic to "0" and still get the CTD...with any aircraft. And, I don't have a slow system...all of the latest patches,drivers,etc. I can only fly out of EGLL but not land there.
  7. Hello, No, I did not try it out with EGLL unchecked. What I did attempt is a flight out of EGLL for about 25-30 nm and return to intercept the LOC for RWY 25L with the PMDG 747. No problems throughout the flight to landing. I assume that since the EGLL textures have already loaded, I will not have the out of memory or out of disk space errors. The problem lies in making a flight TO EGLL from another airport and get within the EGLL texture loading distance then FS9 freezes up. I will attempt another go at it from another airport.
  8. Well, I tried the option of unchecking EGLL and rechecking it then doing a resync/repair prior to using the PSS 777. Still got the CTD. So, it may be something else with the EGLL scenery or a combination of EGLL and AES causing the problem.
  9. Another OOM ocurred while I was using the PSS 777 and around 25nm from EGLL on final descent. I suppose there isn't any point in trying to fly to EGLL for any reason since I didn't even try to connect with a LOC at that point in the flight. :cry: If I can only fly from EGLL and not to the airport, what's the point in having this scenery? It's a shame because I really like the eye candy. I hope someone can find a solution to this problem. :?:
  10. Hello, Marco.... I did fail to mention the OS I have XP Pro SP2. I haven't had an out of memory error in a very long time, but of course I don't do as much flying around Europe....until I purchased Heathrow '08 The OOM error I experienced with the PMDG and the EGLL scenery is the first one, so I don't have a frustration level as others...yet. From what I have read so far, the culprit may be in capturing the ILS at EGLL for any runway. I'm curious as to why this may be happening :? Thanks, Joe
  11. I had an out of memory error while on approach to EGLL RWY 27R as well...using the PMDG 744 from HLLT. I have v 1.1 of Heathrow as well as AES, UTE, AS6, RC4, Track IR Pro Clip with everything patched to currency. Oh, and I have the corrected AFCAD for EGLL. My specs include Intel Core 2 Duo , 2.66 Ghz, 2G Corsair RAM, GF 8600 GTS 256MB..yadda yadda yadda. Any other thoughts on what the gremlin(s) is/are that may be causing the out of memory problems? Thanks!
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