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  1. Experiencing stutters with the Pro. - Active Sky for P3d - REX Soft Clouds - ChasePlane - ORBX Global / Vector - GSX - Navigraph Charts
  2. I had this occur yesterday during a KDTW-KORD flight. Flightplan was entered manually as KAYLN2 SMUUV WYNDE1 and I noticed that the line stopped after SMUUV, but everything looked correct on the LEGS page. I rechecked the SID and noticed that I had not selected the SMUUV transition - I had just entered it in as my first waypoint after the SID. Once I did that in flight, the line connected.
  3. I experienced a crash when exiting and was prompted to send the ASCRJ MiniDump file to the developers, however it's too big to attach here. How/where do I send it in for review?
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