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  1. Thanks for the follow-up. I think the issue might have been with something in the community folder. Only addons there where: the A32NX mod; ENGM freeware; and a Sas livery for the A320. (Using default pushback and text-to-speech set to off) I tried to clear out everything in the community folder; after that everything is working and no CTD as in previous scenario. I tried to copy in each of the three addons in the community folder, and still no CTD; so all seems good! Thanks again for your help and bringing up something that was not caused by th
  2. In the MSFS content manager it is listed as version 0.1.0 Did a uninstall and reinstall today. Still getting a CTD on pushback request (gate 35).
  3. Hi there, Came searching for information on the forum, as I am also experiencing the issue reported in the first post. CTD when I request pushback at ENVA, tried at a few different gates. Bought ENVA from MS Marketplace.
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