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  1. +1 an update would be appreciated, thank you Hans!
  2. Any update on this please? I am waiting for this to work correctly before I buy the P3D version (also hoping the terrain map feature is finally working in P3D) Thx!
  3. Forgive me if this info is posted somewhere but I cant find it, is there a way to have the EFB on the FO side? I am actually starting a job very soon on the CRJ and would love to be able to do everything I have to from the right seat. I use VR most of the time and looking at the EFB on the captain side is a bit hard to read. Thank you in advance! Bruno
  4. Hello, Now that Asobo has fixed the weather radar (showing precipitation only), do we have a timeframe when the weather radar will be implemented? Also wondering about the terrain map, this is available with the default aircraft, I am not sure if it has limitation, but I would take anything rather than having nothing to work with. We use this feature IRL quite a lot (it is actually part of my airline SOP for night flying). I am enjoying flying the CRJ in FS20, but really miss these 2 features. Thank you!
  5. Any update on this? Is Terrain map now working? I want to buy the product, but wont go for it if this doesnt work. Thank you in advance.
  6. NM I understand what you meant Hans, will give it a try later...
  7. I am having the same problem, I have to move the throttle manually (using the mouse) to get it to work.
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