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  1. has any improvements been made in regards to sound? Would love to see something like FSLabs implemented for turbulence (rattling noise in the cockpit) Thx.
  2. yes take you time Hans, it's not the end of the world. Thank you for communicating with us and giving us updates.
  3. I have uninstalled, rebooted (checked for existing folders, nothing was left out) and resinstalled I tried another route: KPSP13R TRM6 TRM DCT BLD J107 MLF QWENN5 KSLC34R Right after liftoff , engaged NAV at 400 AGL, the FD commands a turn to the right, where the SID calls for a left turn heading 073 to intercept TRM R304 to TRM (as properly depicted on the CRJ ND though). After engaging AP the plane turns left (as expected by SID) and the FD commands the proper left turn. The plane continues on its heading of 075 and passes through the R304 radial from TRM (even thought the AP is in NAV mode) see pic below. The plane never attempts to fly to TRM, just keeps going on 075 heading. I then proceeded to go DIR to BLD, the plane headed to the DIR waypoint, but did not intercept the course to BLM and continued on heading 343 (see pic2). I was not using AS16 , just the Fair Weather theme from P3D. Something curious though, when I hit DIR BLM again, this time the plane stayed on course (and subsequent DIR to OVETO) .
  4. Hi Dave, I uninstalled the CRJ but I cannot find any CRJ associated folders either in P3DV4, %appdata%, programdata folder, etc. I did not run the previous install as admin which I will do, but I know I had 1.0.5 installed as I could see the new Dave features (CG/Trim options) Thanks
  5. I am flying 1.0.1 and it still appears that the airplane is not able to stay on the route. I am showing around a 2 miles deviation left of the route (as also indicated on the PFD/CDI needle not being centered). The route is : KIND05R MEARZ5 BVT DCT JOT/N0428F400 DCT JVL DCT DLL DCT EAU EAU9 KMSP12R It seems that the needles get centered when close to the station, as I passed the next waypoint, the aircraft veered off course again, as it seems to over correct for the wind coming out of the left (see picture) and after hitting DIR TWINZ the off course tendency got even worse the plane is now almost 5 miles left of the airway (right after hitting DIR the airplane stayed in a shallow left turn for a while and increased distance off the airway gradually)
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