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    Contents of this ZIP-packed: Airbus A319 SKY Airline CC-AJG Repaint by: Nicolas Matus Aerosoft paintkit by: Stefan Hoffmann Installation (Airbus Livery Manager): Start the aerosoft Airbus Livery Manager and drag the ZIP-File into the list - or click "Add Livery" and select the desired file. You get Installation (Manual): To install this aircraft manually, please copy the following text (in the readme) into your 'aircraft.cfg', inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A319 CFM'. Replace the X in [FLTSIM.X] by the next following number (like [FLTSIM.8]) and put the snippet after the last FLTSIM-object. Then you copy the complete texture folder into the same aircraft folder where you find the aircraft.cfg. The easiest way: Just drag the complete ZIP-file into the livery manager and it will be installed automatically! ¡Saludos desde Chile!
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