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  1. See comments in the Quote box ! FinnJ
  2. Everything is Ok Latest version of 777-200 is 8395 and the latest version of 777-300 is 8386, check the PMDG Operation Center after having updated the 777-200 and You will see everything is Ok. You don´t even need to uninstall the 777-300 before re-installing the 777-200.
  3. I'd never been away - just kept myself under the radar
  4. So...Back from holidays.... As promised are here fixed files for P3D V3 and V4 (Works also for FSX, but it makes no difference). As told the ADF, DME and Placard gauges in the original updated V3 and V4 instaler are not compatible with, so replace them by unpacking the attached files into Your Prepar 3D V3 and/or V4 main folder and answer "Yes" when prompted to overwrite. Simobjects.zip Best regards Finn Jacobsen
  5. This issue was fixed for some time ago for P3D V3. I was the original gauge developer on the Catalina and has fixed the ADF / DME / Registration placard issue in P3D V4 on my own install. Once back from holiday ( in appr. 1 week+) I will upload the fixed gauges here for You, which are caused by incompatible (with P3D V3/4) xml code. Regarding the issues with the "Midway" Cat's, those versions where added for a project containing a Campaign of missions that was closed down due to bad quality of those missions and thus these Cat's where never intended to be part of the final Catlina package - so simply disregard those. Best regards Finn Jacobsen
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