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  1. Are there any news on this problem from the developers? The airplane is still not flyable in version
  2. I have also done some more testing. For me it is clearly not frame rate connected. I get around 80 frames. I can lower my settings and still get the trim problem. The only thing that changes something is the CG setting in the fuel planner. When I reset the CG the shaking only starts at the end of a longer flight. For me it is something CG related.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion but I do not see any connection to the problem. The surface wind was not anywhwere near 50 kts which would have been limited by this setting. Also the problem does not happen near the surface but in flight. Active sky has given me a very good representation of winds compared to real life. But however I did the same flight without Active Sky and it gave the same results a before. IMG_5246.MOV
  4. This is with active sky at default settings.
  5. After disconnecting the autopilot the shaking stops and the trim slowly goes back to 1.8 degrees nose up.
  6. Dear Mathijs, I did what you suggested but I am sorry to say that it did not help me. I get unlocked around 60 frames but the problem still persists. I took a screenshot in climb out where the pitch trim was originally at around 1,8 nose up and constanly then went down. In time I took the screenshot the trim was at 0.0. The elevator and the plane were shaking constantly. Any other suggestions? Kind regards
  7. My framerates are absolutely fine it happens in midflight locked at 30 frames.
  8. I have read about this problem in other topics already but for me the problem still exists and has not been resolved by several reinstalls. When flying the A330 with autopilot engaged at some point the pitch trim commands nose down trim which results in a shaking movement of the elevators which seem to try to compensate the nose down trim. The airplane begins to tremble around the pitch axis which is very annoying. When I disengage autopilot the trim runs back to a normal position and I can connect the autopilot again until it starts all over again. I really like the A330 and I think it is a very good representation but this problem makes it unfylable for me sadly.
  9. I have the same problem, the installer installs the "General" folder in C:\Users\...\Documents\Aerosoft but the Airbus seems to look for the files in C:\Users\...\OneDrive\Dokumente\Aerosoft this is where previous installers installed everything. I guess something is wrong with the installer. You only observe this problem when you manually delete the General folder in order to install the new version. Kind regards
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