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  1. I just did again this flight, I had the same issue. Over Pagog, the speed is showing 202 KTS, and it starts to decel. BUt double-checked and it has no speed constraint there.
  2. SBRJ UMBAD UZ44 PAGOG SBSP Approach: RWY 35L Stars PAGOG-2A - CI 25 - Fl260
  3. I have the same issue. There is no speed constraint on this STARS but it's reducing to 210 KTS. A319 IAE. Last Update. Help me.
  4. I like to have A318 avianca brasil. Sent via my LG400F
  5. I appreciate if you do. You can do A318 too, is it possibe?
  6. thks, Obrigado. Can you do Avianca Brasil A318 as well?
  7. Any chances to paint avianca Brasil A318,please? Sent via my LG400F
  8. A318 Avianca brasil PR-ONR please
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