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  1. What about VC? I find quite worrying not having a sigle shot of the VC... and 2D pannels?
  2. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. And I was the one who answered and closed your ticket. As Emanuel explains, (and is in the product info) these are LIDO charts, used by Lufthansa (little room for VFR with such premises) and in the product info There is not explicit indication the does not cover VFR, but there is enough info to conclude that. So I think in this situation a refund cannot be applied.
  4. Is your windows indexing in background? Try to disable indexing service (restart) and check again. As Mathijs said, too many variables. Regards
  5. Departing or landing? I would lower the traffic density to 10. No road. Regards
  6. Well... I have almost the same system than you with more or less the same add-ons and have "good" FPS but in areas with high density of airports. One thing everybody here would be grateful is if we lleave that fuzzy language about "good" and "bad" and begin speaking in figures, where, with traffic or not, with heavy cloud coverage or not... Do not know if doing so will help to find something out or not, but sure if we don't will not Regards
  7. 409 downloads

    Zurich Rwy 14 with ILS 111.75
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