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  1. The first RTCW was to early for me. Count me in for the second.
  2. Hi Gianni, Glad to help you out here. I don't know what you mean about the profiles, but you can make you're own profiles. I highly recomend the licence version. You can do so much more with it and you can make multiple profiles for different airplanes.
  3. This is what I got in my mail. To Our Faithful Customers, As many of you may be aware, GoFlight Technologies Inc. has been experiencing difficulties with our website, being down, redirecting, or posting unwarranted messages. We want to reassure everyone we are working to correct this and to bring you a brand new online shopping experience. While we work to build a better brand and online image, please enjoy this offer from GoFlight Technologies Inc. for the duration of the website's new construction. Simply call, or email our offices and place an order, you'll receive an automatic 20% off your complete retail order. Thank you for your continued patience and dedication to GoFlight Technologies Inc. It seems that they read our forum.
  4. If you need the drivers for the Go-Flight modules, I have the latest.
  5. And they will be offline until februari 2012. It looks like they stop selling stuff
  6. I didn't know Sacha, but it's always a lost when you lose a fellow simmer. My condolences to his friends and family.
  7. Hello Gianni, Here is the latest driver for GoFlight hardware. Good luck with youre GF-EFIS AND GF-MCP -PRO. GFConfigSetup_2_03.zip
  8. Hi Gianni, I don't know how big the drivers are, but I wil look for you if I can send you the latest drivers. Will let you know when I am at home.
  9. Thank you guy's. Wil try the default first.
  10. It's said, but it's true. See: http://www.aviodrome.nl/dagje-uit/ in Dutch. But maybe there is a glimp of sunshine at the horizon. See: http://nos.nl/artikel/326519-collectief-doet-reddingspoging-aviodrome.html also in Dutch.
  11. My ambiition is to fly more for Andras and to fly online with you guy's
  12. Cool pics guy's. Where did you get the DC-3 from???
  13. Hello all, Since the 21th of november 2011 on 16.07 our there is a new kid in town. His name is Dani. Youre all welcom to celebrate the bird of this wonderfull kid at plot AF87 With Regards and a happy New Year to all, Two happy parents John & Chantal
  14. The marshaller is on the same place as the adjustment for the frontweel. The only thing to set him not under the stairs, is to move the adjustment for the frontweel more to the front or back. Thats the only thing you can do.
  15. Hello John, I to had those problems with EDDS. Why, I don't know, but with every update who required the launcher I get the message in AES that StuttgartX is missing. It looks like there is someting with te launcher who puts StuttgartX out of the Scenery Library and AES. Again switch on StuttgartX in the Scenery Library wil do the trick and wil work with AES. Ps. Cool, this is my 100th post.
  16. Happy Birthday Aerosoft. And thank you all for the good stuf you made and wil make,
  17. Tadaaaaaaa, Here is my freebee, the famous Twin Otter DHC-6, in front of my home. With many thanks to Aerosoft and Shaun for sorting out the payment for my plot AF-87.
  18. Hello Ole, Don't be to hard to the mayor. Maybe I can get some discount on my landingfeed. Ps. I had a good conversation with Shaun en got a invoice for my plot. It's mine now.
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