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  1. Jead

    76,100' MSL in a Glider!

    Wow, just incredible. Lucky pilot. Jead
  2. Jead

    Pressurization still

    There is absolutely no doubt about that at all Hans. Thanks so much for all. Jead
  3. Jead

    Pressurization still

    Ooops. KRIW. I did a quick plan with pfpx to test the pressure issue. I didn't realise the plan was abit strange till now. This was the plan from pfpx N791SK-IN -CRJ7/M-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -KRIW1200 -N0469A170 DCT RIW V187 SWEAT/N0471A160 V187 OCS/N0430F378 J206 DBL DCT -KASE Some strange values there. I will try it again later with better values for altitude. Jead.
  4. Jead

    Pressurization still

    Hi Exactly what happened to me earlier. I tried another flight today from KIRW to KASE. All was fine as prescribed here and manuals. TOGA is set and off we go. Due to route constraints, initial climb was to A170, then A160, then F250. all was fine climbing to A170, the pressure differentials normal. the instant I touched the altitude knob to change to A160, cabin altitude was A170 and we know the rest. Something is triggering this in effect. Good luck and thanks in advance. Jead
  5. Jead

    PMDG 777-300ER

    Hi There are many topics opened in the PMDG forum discussing V4. Also form their main product page it says compatible with v3 and v4. Good luck. Jead
  6. Jead

    Other manual or tutorial?

    Thank you gentlemen for your replies. Thanks Dave. Good tutorial. Jead
  7. Hi I bought this beauty because it is an amazing airplane, and some one from Aerosoft who's opinion matters said it was his favourite. I can see why. It's such a wonderful product. What a fantastic feel when flying it. Pure pleasure. However, I have not mastered it as I would like to. The manuals are fine but some guessing has to be done for the logic of things, or maybe I'm just missing it. I searched the net and didn't find much in terms of manuals or tutorials. I'[m a bit surprised not to find detailed tutorials as we have been accustomed to find them specially for the finer products. I was wondering if some additions or improvements are to be expected soon. Thank you and sorry for the long intro. Jead
  8. Jead

    ENVA v2 SODE folders?

    Hello You should find it in C: - ProgramData - 12bPilot - SODE. Manual has it all. Jead
  9. Ooohhh no please don't stop. Please do take off. This looks soooooo nice. Amazing. Wow. And you are wondering why we cannot waite hehehe ? Bravo and best of wishes. Jead
  10. Hi Downloading as I type. However, AS_MENORCA-X-EVOLUTION_FSX_P3D_FSXSTEAM 1.04. Jead
  11. Hi Thank you for your real quick reply. Wonderful. Will go ahead purchasing the new Balearic Islands X Evolution. It is definitely a great deal. Thanks. Jead
  12. Hi Since the other topics dealt with the normal Balearic Islands X, I open this thread. I'm a bit lost here. I currently own the Menorca Evo. Shall I buy the other two separately or will I find them all in the Balearic Islands X Evolution. Is it safe to assume that the new Balearic Islands X Evolution contains all sceneries, and maybe more? Thank you in advance and do pardon me if this topic already discussed. Jead
  13. Hi Thank you thank you thank you. This is the best news as it is my favourite scenery. Best of luck with this marvelous project. Jead
  14. Hehehehe. That's cool. And best wishes for your PhD Dr. One cannot be blamed for asking modifications and extra stuff. Aerosoft has spoiled us by complying with most requests with the A320 project and offering an amazing aircraft for an amazing price. And the support, I mean, nothing is unanswered or not solved. So I trust they have started this project with sooooo much more knowledge and experience to know almost exactly what we love, again at an amazing price. Thank you Aerosoft dearly. Jead
  15. Hi What a wonderful team. I have a question I have not seen asked yet. Not about technical stuff. Or release date. Or effects...etc. I trust you to have the highest possible standards like we've been accustomed to. But, rather interested in finding out: Are you enjoying it? Are you enjoying flying it, testing it, playing with it? How do you feel when in cold/dark to ready for take off? The joy you get after completing a procedure or a full flight with full success? . The emotions etc. That I would love to know. Thanks for your great work, and like everyone else here, can't waite. Best wishes. Jead