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  1. Wow, just incredible. Lucky pilot. Jead
  2. Jead

    Pressurization still

    There is absolutely no doubt about that at all Hans. Thanks so much for all. Jead
  3. Jead

    Pressurization still

    Ooops. KRIW. I did a quick plan with pfpx to test the pressure issue. I didn't realise the plan was abit strange till now. This was the plan from pfpx N791SK-IN -CRJ7/M-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -KRIW1200 -N0469A170 DCT RIW V187 SWEAT/N0471A160 V187 OCS/N0430F378 J206 DBL DCT -KASE Some strange values there. I will try it again later with better values for altitude. Jead.
  4. Jead

    Pressurization still

    Hi Exactly what happened to me earlier. I tried another flight today from KIRW to KASE. All was fine as prescribed here and manuals. TOGA is set and off we go. Due to route constraints, initial climb was to A170, then A160, then F250. all was fine climbing to A170, the pressure differentials normal. the instant I touched the altitude knob to change to A160, cabin altitude was A170 and we know the rest. Something is triggering this in effect. Good luck and thanks in advance. Jead
  5. Hi Kindly if you could paint the A319 "Kuwait State Airline". Reg 9K-GEA. Thank you for all of your wonderful work. Jead
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