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  1. I had a similar problem : buses appeared in the sim but as soon as i closed the scenario screen, P3Dv5 closed . Solution was to close P3Dv5, erase prepar3d.cfg and reopen P3D which regenerate a new prepar3d.cfg. Now its works well for all buses. Perhaps you can try that. J C S
  2. OK .I tried that this morning and it seems to work well now . I just tried to load the different aircraft without problems like yesterday. I will now try an entire flight. Many thanks for your answer J C Solecki
  3. After installation of A318/A319 and A320/A321 v1.4.0.0 in P3Dv5 (HF1), i can't load any of these busses : In Scenario Startup Screen , the aircrafts are OK but as soon i valide the screen, the thumbnail disappears and P3DV5 is closed. The installation of these aircrafts seems not to have a problem. I used also A330 (v in the same conditions and installed in the same folder ( P3Dv5 Addons) without any problems : A330 works well I tried complete uninstalling and reinstalling without any success Any ideas about what happens ? j solecki
  4. My frames are also locked at 30 fps but i have this problem only on a particular star i.e DEPOK for EGGK. The real FPS is around 20. I tried others flies on German Airports ( Munich, Berlin ) without oscillations . I just finished a flight to LOWI with an airnav Approach for R08 : no oscillations but the aircraft was too low on V/DEV and i must finish approach and land manually . Regards
  5. I tried the same flight twice with realism settings to 0 instead of 100 and i had the same effects : big oscillations of Vs and pitch during Approach , no indications about ILS ( LOC and GLIDE) and a very hard landing because in final approach the plane accelerate and stop his descent. It's seems to me that this flight is directly the main reason for that because i tried other flights in the same conditions without problems : e.g. two flights LFLL LFBT with the same plane, load and wheather ( Clean ). OK i know LFBT is the airport of LOURDES and this town is well known as the town of miracles ..... But more seriously i will tried other flights over Germany : perhaps i think some problems with ORBX Germany North and South which are installed . I will report results. With greetings J C Solecki
  6. Yes , i saw also this effect yesterday with the new update but only during a managed descent. Green dot was going up and down .During final approach to EDDK no display of ILS and finally speed increased ( with Throttle on idle position ....) and i had to land at 180 knots !!!!! I tried another flight from EDDK to ESSA with the exactly the same effects . These flights were done with A320 updated and P3Dv4 HF3. First flight with Clear weather and the second one with Active Sky and real weather conditions . PC : Asus Maximus HERO VII , Intel core I7 4770K , 16 Go RAM and NVIDIA RTX 2070. I never saw that before with precedent A3xx ..... Thanks for help me to solve these problems because actually it's not possible to have a correct descent with this plane. J C Solecki
  7. Simultaneously to lauching P3Dv5, Lockheed Martin launched also P3Dv4.5 HF3 . Are the A3XX pro fully compatible with this new update of P3D without a specific update ? Thanks for answer
  8. Registration under left wing on Air france A330 is false : EI-GOP instead of F-GZCA. Same problem on dashboard.
  9. Not very important, i have just to know that i must not move button during fligth. it does not matter to fly correctly with your plane Just for information, your direct concurrent A319 FSL has not this problem on exactly the same hardware config. I am not developper but user ( since Flight Simulator 4 ....very long time ago !) but i think the bug can be solved without Lockheed Martin. Best regards J.C.SOLECKI
  10. INTEL Core I7-4770K on ASUS MAXIMUS VII RANGER - 16 Go RAM - SSD 500 Go for Windows 10 64 bits and P3Dv4.3 Graphic cards : NVIDIA GTX 1050TI + N580GTX 3 screens : main and overhead on 1050TI This PC is dedicated to Simulation and not used for others applications. J.C. SOLECKI
  11. Sorry but even with last nvidia driver (398.82), i have the same issue : as soon as the engines are running and i try to turn the OVERHEAD LIGHT BUTTON, P3Dv4.3 is closed after 2 or 3 seconds. This is not the case when the plane is on ground connected to External Power Unit. J.C.SOLECKI
  12. Perhaps Microsoft NET FRAMEWORK is not the good version ? J.C.SOLECKI
  13. Here two files found in window error log for a flight this morning : j.c.solecki erreur .netr.txterreur application.txt
  14. During flight with A318 or A319 pro, CTD when turning OVERHEAD INTEGER LT button on Overhead panel. This button seems to work well when Plane is on parking and Engines stopped but during flight P3D crash after 2 or 3 seconds. I use P3Dv4.3 ( last version ) and v1.1.0 for the two planes . Overhead is displayed on a second screen. J.C. SOLECKI
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