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  1. I had a similar problem : buses appeared in the sim but as soon as i closed the scenario screen, P3Dv5 closed . Solution was to close P3Dv5, erase prepar3d.cfg and reopen P3D which regenerate a new prepar3d.cfg. Now its works well for all buses. Perhaps you can try that. J C S
  2. OK .I tried that this morning and it seems to work well now . I just tried to load the different aircraft without problems like yesterday. I will now try an entire flight. Many thanks for your answer J C Solecki
  3. After installation of A318/A319 and A320/A321 v1.4.0.0 in P3Dv5 (HF1), i can't load any of these busses : In Scenario Startup Screen , the aircrafts are OK but as soon i valide the screen, the thumbnail disappears and P3DV5 is closed. The installation of these aircrafts seems not to have a problem. I used also A330 (v in the same conditions and installed in the same folder ( P3Dv5 Addons) without any problems : A330 works well I tried complete uninstalling and reinstalling without any success Any ideas about what happens ? j solecki
  4. My frames are also locked at 30 fps but i have this problem only on a particular star i.e DEPOK for EGGK. The real FPS is around 20. I tried others flies on German Airports ( Munich, Berlin ) without oscillations . I just finished a flight to LOWI with an airnav Approach for R08 : no oscillations but the aircraft was too low on V/DEV and i must finish approach and land manually . Regards
  5. I tried the same flight twice with realism settings to 0 instead of 100 and i had the same effects : big oscillations of Vs and pitch during Approach , no indications about ILS ( LOC and GLIDE) and a very hard landing because in final approach the plane accelerate and stop his descent. It's seems to me that this flight is directly the main reason for that because i tried other flights in the same conditions without problems : e.g. two flights LFLL LFBT with the same plane, load and wheather ( Clean ). OK i know LFBT is the airport of LOURDES and this town is well known as
  6. Yes , i saw also this effect yesterday with the new update but only during a managed descent. Green dot was going up and down .During final approach to EDDK no display of ILS and finally speed increased ( with Throttle on idle position ....) and i had to land at 180 knots !!!!! I tried another flight from EDDK to ESSA with the exactly the same effects . These flights were done with A320 updated and P3Dv4 HF3. First flight with Clear weather and the second one with Active Sky and real weather conditions . PC : Asus Maximus HERO VII , Intel core I7 4770K , 16 Go RAM and NVI
  7. Simultaneously to lauching P3Dv5, Lockheed Martin launched also P3Dv4.5 HF3 . Are the A3XX pro fully compatible with this new update of P3D without a specific update ? Thanks for answer
  8. Registration under left wing on Air france A330 is false : EI-GOP instead of F-GZCA. Same problem on dashboard.
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