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  1. yes I switched it off in the BIOS. While there is not much difference in many other addon aircraft I use, it does make a huge difference with the CRJ with respect to the stuttering.
  2. As mentioned in another thread on this subject - Fresh install of Windows - Fresh install of P3D v5 (v4 is also affected by bad performance with this aircraft) - Fresh install of the CRJ (i7-10700K, GTX 1070 Ti) --> Hyperthreading on: bad stutters and severe fps fluctuations. By the way, switching off the FO displays indeed slightly increases the average fps, but does nothing with respect to the stuttering --> Hyperthreading off: stuttering is nearly gone, CRJ performs almost equal or only slightly worse than comparably complex aircraft Do others experience the same and does this help to narrow down the cause?
  3. Investigating the issue in P3D v5, I discovered something that surprised me and at least explains the stuttering. Normally and for any other complex or simple aircraft I see one core of my CPU constantly at 100% and the others fluctuating. With the CRJ Pro however I see this - With Hyperthreading on (my default setting) all 8 cores / 16 threads are fluctuating wildly, but not a single core is permanently at 100%. FPS in this situation fluctuate wildly as well. - With Hypterthreading off (for testing) I see one core permanently at 100% and the other 7 more or less loaded. This is what I expect. I attach a screenshot of this scenario, stuttering is much improved then and, performance-wise, the CRJ compares more or less to other complex aircraft when HT is off. Is there an issue with load distribution under Hyperthreading that prevents full utilization of the main core? I have to mention that even with HT on and other complex aircraft, one core is usually constantly at 100%. As already said, this stuttering is not the case in MSFS with HT on or off, thus it seems to be P3D specific.
  4. I am having the same issue right from the beginning with this aircraft. The new dll did not help, I still experience bad stuttering in each phase of the flight in which the aircraft is moving (stopped at the gate it's in fact OK, even with all displays on!). General performance would be very nice, but I am getting constant frame fluctuations between 20 and 60 which is more than annoying. The stutters are clearly noticable even in outside view, so there is seriously something wrong. I have recently switched from i5-6600K to an i7-10700K typically running at 4.7 Ghz with 32 GB Ram, which is surely enough for any other complex aircraft I am using in P3D. The CRJ Pro behaved in this way on my old and new machine. I would really like to see a fix to be able to finally use this aircraft in the way I expected it when I purchased it. Maybe it is helpful to mention that this suttering bug does not occur in the CRJ for the new MSFS. Performance in the new sim is generally poor, but the CRJ performs equally or even slightly better than the default airliners.
  5. Is this topic still being investigated? For me the biggest problem are the stutters between 20 and 40 fps, and generally bad performance compared to any other aircraft under the same settings. My benchmark is FSL, and the CRJ performs worse. The reason must be hidden somewhere in the displays, the more of them I switch off the better the performance is. I attach my test settings (minimum, no traffic, default airports), my result with these settings is 25 fps with significant stutters. Thanks Martin
  6. To make the decision more complicated: FSL is much heavier on performance. That means the graphical quality of the sim has to be sacrificed to a large extent to achieve flyable frames.
  7. I observed a significant improvement in fps with the CRJ Pro when I switched off NVIDIA's image sharpening. No idea why, because in any other aircraft and situation the impact on performance is almost negligible and the GPU was clearly not the bottleneck...
  8. I confirm the performance issues. Turning on the first officer PFD and ND gives a further significant hit on the framerate, so its clear why these displays are switched off by default... I am using an i5 6600K so hyperthreading cannot be the cause. I am not using Chaseplane, but OrbX Vector. Hoping for improvement in future updates.
  9. Flight controls have much improved, however I im still fighting a bit with the roll sensitivity on landing. In windy conditions I constantly touch down on one center gear because I tend to overshoot when using the ailerons for small corrections before landing. If that is how the real one behaves as well, I'll have to adapt, otherwise some fine tuning would be appreciated. Best regards Martin
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