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  1. To make the decision more complicated: FSL is much heavier on performance. That means the graphical quality of the sim has to be sacrificed to a large extent to achieve flyable frames.
  2. I observed a significant improvement in fps with the CRJ Pro when I switched off NVIDIA's image sharpening. No idea why, because in any other aircraft and situation the impact on performance is almost negligible and the GPU was clearly not the bottleneck...
  3. I confirm the performance issues. Turning on the first officer PFD and ND gives a further significant hit on the framerate, so its clear why these displays are switched off by default... I am using an i5 6600K so hyperthreading cannot be the cause. I am not using Chaseplane, but OrbX Vector. Hoping for improvement in future updates.
  4. Flight controls have much improved, however I im still fighting a bit with the roll sensitivity on landing. In windy conditions I constantly touch down on one center gear because I tend to overshoot when using the ailerons for small corrections before landing. If that is how the real one behaves as well, I'll have to adapt, otherwise some fine tuning would be appreciated. Best regards Martin
  5. This is what I experience as well: on departure and approach the framerate goes down more than in any other comparable addon-aircraft including the A319 and A320 series. In those phases, the A330 is acutally quite heavy on frames, while is is super fluid in cruise and also quite good on the ground in bigger addon airports. The performance difference of the A320 between takeoff/landing and cruise is much better. In which aspects is the A330 different here? Having said that I don't really need a first officer sitting next to me. Better put some more work in clearing the remaining issues of this highly enjoyble and excellent looking aircraft! My system: i5-6600K, 24 GB Ram, GTX 1070Ti
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