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  1. will people who have the old scenary get a discount?
  2. Thanks blahhh, solved the problem I forgotten the light's pedestal . Closed the topic
  3. lighting captain all right lighting first office all right captain's floor light on first office's floor light on misc light overhead panel : dome and standby compass:on overhead light brightness on the right are there other lights?
  4. I am making a night fly, but while all lights work very well ( internal and external), the overhead panel is black. I put the overhead light brightness all on the right, but the problems is the same. When I use L key the overhead panel begin red for a moment,and after it returns black...solution? p3d4 windows 7 premium 64 bit
  5. Today I made my first flight with this new airplane. When I tried to intercept localizer on Lime, the airplane began mad...I thought that it was a scenery problem, I tried in other airport...same problem! I tried other airplane : same problem.....Finally I found the problem....CRJ is influnced by gps mode.... If you use an airplane with default or other gps, if it is on gps mode and you forget to change from gps mode to nav mode...the Crj will follow the fms but willn't intercept the localizer.
  6. I tried to use airbus flightplan, but I had error.
  7. For now, I use a freeware version of this airplane, waiting for this
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