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  1. Impressive environment! Way that's way above my level of engineering! My day to day job is programming and testing SCADA systems. Our customers are the national grid integrators, and heavy industries mostly around the port of Antwerp. Regards, Vital
  2. Hi Dave, No criticisme from my end... I understand how business work. Being an engineer, Project Management (and project managers) is somehing I deal with on regular basis. So thanks for A333! Regards, Vital
  3. Really too bad that we don't have the other engine options. In those 20+ years of repainting liveries, I never wanted to go fictional. Still hoping we will eventually see the other variants, so I can die peacefully ;-) Regards, Vital
  4. Hey Steve, So I saw your Delta post. And as always, your expertise is well noted! It's against my religion to paint fictional... but I think I will sin for once. And the BA livery is finished. As real as it gets. Close to 30 hours spent on research and paint. Regards.
  5. Brussels Airlines OO-SFC work in progress... Darn, I do hope you model the GE/PW version as well... otherwise I cannot paint sabena
  6. I found 55 pixels offset to the left/right being perfect. Regards, Vital Vanbeginne
  7. Version 1.0


    Airbus A319-112 Sabena (OO-SSO) painted as real and correct as possible. Note that OO-SSO was actually equiped with the older CRT monitors rather then the LCD panels.
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