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  1. I loaded the plane directly. Pink details loaded too. Switched to outside view. I waited 2 minutes. Switched to the view from the cockpit. Reloaded textures many times from the settings menu. Pink details remained. Only when I turn the knob OVHD INTEG LT while the power is on does the problem disappear Clean install v1401 with reboot.
  2. Same problem, only in cold and dark mode. If turn the OVHD INTEG LT knob a bit, the problem disappears. Not critical.
  3. Are there any plans to build Eastern Russian airports? For example Vladivostok (UHWW), Kamchatka (UHPP) or Sakhalin (UHSS)?
  4. every 10-15 seconds, the views in the VC suddenly change without any action. How fix it?
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  6. Только сегодня закончил чистовую установку FSX+FSINN+AirbusX, показывает нереальные FPS от 40 до 456!!! Как...

  7. Сборка, 2ая серия http://t.co/9rnBJwaG

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