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  1. So we can look forward to P3Dv5 updates for the Twotter, F-14 and DC-8?. It sounds like the effort wouldn't be as gigantic as one would believe. I can point you to several posts you've written in this forum that contradicts that statement regarding P3D 😉 I'm actually really neutral in this conversation: if MSFS becomes the ultra sim, then awesome! If it doesn't... well... P3D/XPL sales should improve and developers will return to develop for (in this case, P3D). I think the point here is that a lot of us are willing to continue to invest in the platform and perhaps a company such as yours would benefit from exploring a sort of " Kickstarter " initiative to measure the real intent and attractiveness of listening to those of us who are interested in seeing the products you already have stay current.
  2. Perhaps I worded that poorly: let's change my original phrase "Aerosoft could be doing more a lot more to keep P3D relevant" into "Aerosoft could be doing more to keep their P3D products' sales from flatlining". We may be "few" as you said above, but we're still the same "few" who supported Aerosoft during the years they were happy to develop for P3D, who btw are saying we are willing to part with our money to buy upgrades to Aerosoft products to keep them working with the latest iteration of P3D. Maybe Aerosoft could set up some sort of "Kickstarter" for us legacy/niche P3D customers.
  3. I'm on the same boat as Kevin, and while as a business owner myself I perfectly understand and empathize with Mr. Kok, I feel Aerosoft could be doing more a lot more to keep P3D relevant. The Twotter, the F-14 Tomcat, the DC-8? Not even willing to make them work for Prepar3D v5 for a fee? I think it is kind of a chicken and egg dilemma. Cheers -E
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