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  1. Ah okay. But if someone tells you to never ever press the button, then you reeeeally wanna press it
  2. Quick question as I'm curious. Why should we never ever push the High Pwr Schedule Button?
  3. Saw that in the CRJ Forum. Maybe that was the issue
  4. Why did you have to reinstall? If it was the insert game disk error or sth. there was an outtage of the Xbox Service which caused some errors btw
  5. And then they tell you it's released and you'll notice you are not at home and can't fly it because you need to go home first
  6. Everyone is refreshing and hoping it will release soonish I guess it will be the late afternoon but we'll see
  7. Alright thank you. Hoping for it as my friend and I are doing it in the A320N atm. Also helps alot because he is relatively new to it so I can show him things better in the same cockpit
  8. Just a short question. Is a shared cockpit feature something that maybe will be added in the future? Juet winderin uf the new MSFS makes it easier somehow.
  9. There is a freeware addon which you can use for the jetway and pushback and I think the fuel truck after the latest update. Just search for Pushback Helper. Solved at least the issue with the pushback and the jetway for me. Manuel
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