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  1. This is all great, looking forward to it! Regards, Bruno.
  2. Those filters alone are already a nice addition, already looking forward to it! Regards, Bruno.
  3. Hi Pelle, Thank you for this update and your dedication! Regards, Bruno.
  4. Ah, it must be it then, thank you...I had read that topic, but I guess I forgot what its content was...sorry. Bruno.
  5. Hello Pelle, I was testing with the latest flightplan package from TAP Air Portugal available on AIG and here's what's happening: When I load the flightplan in the main screen all the routes correctly appear in the map. However, when using the "Search legs" function from the menu, some routes are missing. The examples that quickly called my attention were flights to EBBR and LFPO. There are routes to these airports in the flightplan (as seen on the main screen), but they don't come up in the search results. This is without applying any filters, besides the airport ICAO. When you have a chance, could you check to see if you find the same thing? Thank you! Regards, Bruno.
  6. Pelle, A donation to AIG is a good idea, and I will certainly do that. However, it is still a pity that none of it will go to you. How about creating your own donation account, and then pass some of amount to them? Again, thanks for you dedication. Regards, Bruno.
  7. Hello Pelle, I've just come across this GREAT tool and would like to congratulate and thank you for developing it, for it fits my needs almost perfectly! And, since you called it an "odd feature" in the manual, I would also like to give you very positive feedback on the randomizer option, which is what I will mainly be using FV for. I noticed that very few users interact with you here and on YT, so i thought I'd come by and express my joy at finally finding a tool like this. I have managed to create some tools myself with Excel VBA Userforms, but nothing as complete as yours. Keep it coming! Regards, Bruno.
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