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  1. Well thats a bummer.. no problem.. I guess I'll just live with it.. as the rest of the scenery is just fantastic! Its a shame though that it couldn't be solved easily. I'll have to check it out again after a new driver update or the like. Oh yea... thanks for the free wing.. very generous of Aerosoft that is for certain.
  2. Sasa, Yes they tend to disappear.. and as far as I know I have nothing but cities X installed for that area.. I installed mesh but that was for the west coast.. I'll have to check again.. but I believe its a "clean area". What is funny is when I see it happen (which is more often than not).. sometimes I turn around.. and fly a bit.. and turn back and they are gone. There is even houses floating above water. ? Very weird.
  3. for that area I have nothing installed for scenery accept Cities X.. I have orbx for other parts of the world.. I use contrails pro.. and REX Essentials.. and ENB which I already disabled to test (enabled its worse .lol)..
  4. I do not believe that I have any addon airports or scenery for this area accept cities X, and my settings are set and doublechecked with the manual.. screenies.. Looks kinda spooky. Nothing wrong with this shot.. just posted it cause I wanted to say how beautiful this scenery is.
  5. Hello, Figured I would post some screenies as well.. this is with using the most recent test effect... evensmaller2 It looks a *tad* bit more transparent.. though much of it looks like total whitewash..
  6. Thank you for you assistance. Its nice to meet you! Thank you for such a wonderful aircraft.. and for the response.. a tad late.. but I did gt my aircraft cleaned
  7. Hello all, I also experience this issue.. both the effect file in the installation, and the one that was suggested as a fix in this thread gave me the same results.. almost the same configuration.. cept its a 560ti.
  8. I solved my blue blocked water by making it quality 2 low.. Maybe its not the same blocks we are talking about. Mine would jump and and out, but it was cause I had water on 1 low.
  9. Thank you.. I can verify that after about an hour at night and during the day I do not have a stutter anymore after renaming said file.
  10. I get these blue blocks in my water and I do not own GENX at all.
  11. Howdy... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!.. now if we could just get some response from the devs. This stutter was perplexing me for a while.. I do not have the time to "troubleshoot" issues like this. Thank you for your time in doing so. Now I just hope that something can be done to get the lights to not caues this "hiccup" every few seconds .. aside of turning them off. Like you, I can run just about anything full tilt.. accept for this scenery. I thought it was the complexity of it.. but as you said.. I can run manhattan X full tilt as well. Again thank you for this information . I7 3.5GHZ 2700K Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 128 GB SSD 1TB WD Black Win 7 64
  12. I've not on purpose installed any missions.. the only other software I've installed that messed with the xml would be Manhattan... but I've tried to put the file back to original (from a backup, and from Manhattans OWN backup).. and catalina install still errors out. As far as other payware. I have mostly ORBX and Aerosoft Scenery .. and Payware aircraft.. which, to the best of my knowledge do not mess with the xml.. with the acception of Manhattan..
  13. Hi, I was never asked to send it to anyone.. honestly .. the mission is not really on my high priority list to fix.. as its now become such a hassle, not worth all this "troubleshooting" time away from my family. At least I was fortunate enough to have a backup of said file made by Manhattan (and an original made my me). I'm not the only one with this issue.. but if you say its so touchy.. I will not bother with it anymore.. perhaps it should be made an OPTIONAL install, with a disclaimer.. I also fail to understand why running FSX in administratior mode will make the install of the Catalina go smoother, considering that its the CAT install that is failing and messing up the xml file.. unless there are other issues that you are referring to.
  14. removed.. as I guess i cannot speak my piece..
  15. Others are also now having this same issue.. since the last post, I have found and redid my XML file.. and reinstalled the catalina .. to the SAME end.. Even restored a untouched backup of FSX just to test it.. and, you guessed it.. same error. Even on Avsim, people are wondering why this error is so "ignored" There is also stated to be an update.. could I be pointed in the right direction please.
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