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  1. In aircraft manager is a field called "MSN". But I find no field in the aircraft editor to enter a MSN. How can I enter data in this field? Best whishes and merry christmas Charly
  2. in the "installation.txt" they wrote c:\aerosoft\professional flight planner........ as installation path. On my pc the default path for 2.00 is C:\Program Files (x86)\Professional Flight Planner X So when I copy the 2.01 hotfix to this path, the version check shows 2.01
  3. When I open the traffic, my local plane under "FS9/FSX/P3D" will not shown. But when I look at the IVAO window the plane is spotting
  4. I understand, but the taxiway "G" is on the old airport. So this taxiway will be used for many years
  5. Hi there, there is a little issue in the taxiway signs. On the airport a taxiway is named as "G". In the actual charts, and since oct 2017, the taxiway was renamed to "K1" Maybe someone can change the sign in one of the next updates. Thanks in advance.
  6. Same here. I flew from FRA to MUC. The flightplan was RWY18 DKB8S T104 ANOR3A RWY08L. Over ANORA, as the wind on MUC changed, I would change the RWY. So P3D crashed. My System: P3D v4.2, WIN10pro 1709
  7. I can confirm that. I'm flying with P3D v4.2
  8. Yesterday I flew from MUC to VIE. The route had the RNAV NERDU 6L. This is a zigzag course to the last waypoint. As I programmed a shortcut from NERDU to the last waypoint, I had again 2 TOD markers on the ND
  9. Today I flew with a CRJ9 from EDDF to EGLC at FL340 the route over Belgium was MAKIK - GOPAS - DEMUL - RITAX -REMBA - BUB - DENUT - COA - KEGIT - SASKI - INLOD SUSUM. The Belgian Radarcontroller routed me from MAKIK direct to SUMUM. As STAR I used JACK1B. So in the middle of Belgium came the TOD marker in the ND display. But I saw 2 Marker. In my opinion one from the original route and one from the actual route.
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