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  1. Thanks for your hint. It works with a little "bug" (see photo). But when I swich on the OVHD INTEG LT everything works fine.
  2. Hey, it's pretty arrogant to compare Porsche and Lada with Aerosoft and Justsim. Nothing about you by the way, I love what you write
  3. In aircraft manager is a field called "MSN". But I find no field in the aircraft editor to enter a MSN. How can I enter data in this field? Best whishes and merry christmas Charly
  4. in the "installation.txt" they wrote c:\aerosoft\professional flight planner........ as installation path. On my pc the default path for 2.00 is C:\Program Files (x86)\Professional Flight Planner X So when I copy the 2.01 hotfix to this path, the version check shows 2.01
  5. When I open the traffic, my local plane under "FS9/FSX/P3D" will not shown. But when I look at the IVAO window the plane is spotting
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