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  1. I received a update for German Airport 3 -Bremen. For P3Dv3 i am running 4.5. The buildings and ground traffic are fine . But the runway markings and taxiways are missing. Does anyone have a fix or an updated Afcad?
  2. I think the problem is solved , I set the default to cold and dark, and with your 2.201 up date , no issues. The auto pilot did not disconnect after two test flights.
  3. A new problem has popped up. The first was stated . I still cant get the ignition button to light up except for the cold and dark state, and after two flights , the autopilot disconnects if i tune the heading.
  4. I tried two flights with the CRJ pro 2.201 the issues so far are i need to press cold and dark , in the aircraft stae to get the ignition to work. Also the Auto pilot disconnents if i make heading adjustments on the tuning knob. it happened twice different flights, once mid flight and once shortly after takeoff. and i cant get the autopilot to re-engage. I even tried pressing the Z on the keyboard.
  5. I just installed the Version 2.21. I can now use the CRJ Pro. i still need to use the ready to start configuration, in the Aircraft state to get the ignition to work. The APU works ,not the ignition. if i press ready to start, the igition lights up and i can start the engines. Thank you.
  6. yes i know your correct. I once did a complete, sweep of the hard drive a couple years ago to get the CRJ to work . I copied my hard drive to another . My issue at the time was the wheel stuck to the left. After the clean Windows install CRJ was fine. My system is brand new, ill just use the CRJx for now until i switch to P3D 5 then ill do a complete windows reinstall
  7. I also tried your Navigraph file. But no luck. I also have the older CRJ 700\900X and the CRJ Pro The CRJX works except the ignition doesn't work. So i start through the ready to taxi aircraft state. In my CRJ pro i have the same problem , a dead cockpit and the wheel in the full left position , yet the CRJX is fine, except the ignition issue.
  8. Your correct, you can use the Aorus X570 Master. You can only use the Threadripper with the Aorus Master TRX4 and its price for the Threatripper is north of $1000. The AMD Ryzen 9 , 3900X and the Aorus Master X570 work great together. My system runs great, the only thing was i keep my Radeon RX580 Video card , but hear the RX5700 will get you better FPS. But i am very happy with my setup.
  9. Here is a update with performance addons. my new computer is getting 160 FPS, P3d 4.5 no addons . It dropped to 40 fps with three moniters , the setup is in P3d View Group management. With addons and planes its about 25 to 32 fps. Everything appears to run every smooth. I see the RX 5700 gets better performance. Any thoughts? Thanks Bob
  10. Hi Guys , i put my new computer together. its the AMD Ryzen 3900X processer, Aorus X570 Master motherboard, 2 m2 SSD 970 EVO 500GB each , G skill 32GB ram, Radeaon 580 GPU well right out of the box ,fresh install of windows 10 pro, no addons or anti virus no over clocking .my FPS is over 160 plus. WOW 160 plus!!! Thanks guys for your recommendations .
  11. ok thank you , Well after many years with an outdated computer i decided to do a major up grade. i took yor advice about the M2 SSd . But i had to get a new motherboard, new Ram, new CPU some to the products are out of stock for weeks. So This is a component list i ordered. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X the Aorus master sTRX4 . 2 970 EVO M2 500GB SSD and 32GB DDR4. ill keep my GPU which is a Radeon RX 580 and my power supply 750W. I will let you know how this all works out. All the best.
  12. I opened my computer case . The mother board must be to old to receive a M2 SSD. I like your recommendations about the M2 SSD . I am thinking about upgrading the motherboard to ASUS Crosshair VIII and the Ryzen 9 3900X , leave my GPU and buy a new M2 SSD. Should i leave the Samsun SSD 860 EVO 1TB as the primary and run P3D on the new M2 SSD ?
  13. Thank you for your reply, i have 16 GB of ram. I will look into the M2 SSDs . Another question. Do you uncheck the addons in P3D that you are not flying to at the time. i have about 18 to 20 addons plus Active sky and a Traffic addon. Im only getting 17 -23 average FPS .
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