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  1. Hi Guenter, Thanks... Regards, DJ
  2. Thanks, Mathis... out of curiosity, how often does that happen? Is there a regular schedule? DJ
  3. Hi, It would seem that you need to update your KLAS charts - AeroNav now shows the LOC ILS freq (IRLE) for 26L as 111.5, as does the 1802 AIRAC. Rgds, DJ
  4. Hi Denis, It seems that the NDP data is missing a critical file - there is a *.index file that is required that is not installed by NDP. Sorry I missed that one... I suggest sticking with Navigraph for Carenado. DJ
  5. Carenado aircraft were designed with Navigraph in mind. That said it is trivially easy to change the NDP output to the \CarenadoNavigraph folder. That will give you another subfolder named "CarenadoNavigraph"; then drag the content of that folder into the "Navigraph" folder and you are done. DJ
  6. All of the Carenado aircraft use the same data. I just checked the 550, the CJ2 and the Phenoms and all are on the same database in this folder specifically - C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\CarenadoNavigraph\Navigraph
  7. So far as I am aware the data for all the Carenado aircraft goes into a single folder... C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\CarenadoNavigraph DJ
  8. Hi, Yes, the CJ2 uses the Carenado navdata already supplied for the 550 and Phenoms and the CJ2 is already P3D compatible. DJ
  9. This generally a licensing issue. I suggest you ask your question here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/432-pmdg-737ngx/ at the PMDG forums, or submit a trouble ticket to PMDG at their site here: https://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ DJ
  10. ubersu

    FMS CRJ 700

    Hi, Have you read Vol. 6 of the supplied documentation? If that isn't enough, here is a link to the real-world Collins FMS-4200 pilot's manual https://xplanecrj.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/pg-fms-4200-5230778363.pdf DJ
  11. Hi, Just to add interest, the file format for the Dash 8 has changed from .mdb (Access) to .db3 (SQLite) with the .120 release. DJ
  12. Use Windows Defender under Win10 or Microsoft Security essentials under Win7 and you're golden. The A/V software put out today by the major vendors is garbage that exists to sell you a/v software and usually does more harm than good - which is why you should turn it off to install FS software. I was a developer on Windows and Unix for over 40 years and saw two actual viruses - one un-named on an installation disk from Intel (go figure!) and the other the famous "Blaster worm" (took less than 15 minutes for an unprotected system to be infected). Both would have been stopped by the basic MS software. DJ
  13. Your impression is correct. Take a look at your exe.xml and dll.xml files and see what is being loaded. You may run only one version of SODE at a time... DJ
  14. Actually, I have... DJ Good show - I wish you luck with the new scheme... DJ
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