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  1. No way that's gonna replace the Lockheed S-3 Viking as Navy One
  2. Looks verry good! Can only imagine it being a verry hard livery to paint...
  3. Have you tried searching for it in the downloads section, because multiple a320 SATA liveries are already available...
  4. Nice Tu-204! What developer is it from? Or am I being fooled with an a321?
  5. What add-on is that? looks really cool! Love that engine 'smoke' effect!
  6. how did you install it? because with me (standard install method) it works just fine... Great repaint Holgi!
  7. You could solve your German forum problem by asking people to translate it, you could for example ask me (though I must say my German is lecking sometimes). It would solve your problem and there are more guys speaking English and German aswell.

  8. For your German forum problem you could ask guys who speak English and German... for example me (though my german might leck sometime)

  9. give us the PMDG 777!

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