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  1. Well the problem is AVfuel has their refueling plant all across the globe... I'd say it's somewhere in the USA, probably Alaska...
  2. No way that's gonna replace the Lockheed S-3 Viking as Navy One
  3. I already wanted to compliment on such live and vivit colors! and what a great scenery addon...
  4. I am gonna guess Gibraltar... Since it's the onliest place I've ever noticed birds in the scenery...
  5. Must be! Land of a thousand lakes = finland.. landing on either 22L or R....
  6. here's a long shot: PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International, a northern airport, the heading could sort of be (namely 25 L or R) and RNW 25 L and R are CAT II and III.... As I said a long shot....
  7. I'd say that's correct! just put of curiosity what gave it away?
  8. Okay! I see you're practicing some crosswinds Patrick! so, a bit of a difficult one perhaps but it should be guessable from the terrain and the NAV display: TIP: many hints in this screenshot
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