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  1. Hi team, many thanks for this great airport product. Long time awaited I really appreciate this one. Just a couple of questions. There are some missing linings in the service hangar area and in the cargo area. Further the tarmac in the Gate A section was removed and replaced with concrete. Is there any chance this can be addressed at a possible later update? Just a couple of photos to compare the ?current status. EDDF1 - tarmac gone - replaced with concrete EDDF2 - white circles for the parked taxiways missing EDDF3/4 - service apron missing ground markings EDDF5 - cargo apron missing ground markings cheers and thanks a lot, Sascha
  2. I have converted the actual EDDF v2 myself and it looks not bad. With the conversion there is always a loss of image quality to some degree and I understand the huge amount of editing in blender or similar Programm to be required to replace just the images on 1000s of 3D objects. So I rather prefer to have an airport actually quicker available rather than later. That said, with the new plugins for blender etc it shouldn’t be much of an issue to create the same object in high quality for both platforms and then the rest of the work starts with the ground layout. This, in regards of the size of an airport plus editing the mesh manually, is another huge effort. Only the ground layout took me 8 months part time on EDDF and I am still not finished. Depending on the detail level you prefer:)
  3. Hey, thanks for your quick reply. in regards of 1: if you go into WED and load the airport, you see specifically in the north West corner and south west corner these snap points from two polygon layers, who are not snapped into each other, creating a gap in between which then show up in the sim. It’s aesthetic but I guess as well it is nice to see the layers correctly bounding. 2: I do understand this and I converted quite some sceneries on my own and replace the ortho, do comprehensive replacement of the ground structure to the actual real life situation. I know it requires a lot of work especially if you as a commercial developer can’t just take objects from freeware or other developers like I do in my own, had to develop these components from scratch. Therefore it was more a empowering critique to get these improvements mentioned, as we as a community are keen but we expect as well that we get taken serious and developments will be distributed into this sim platform on its own. As these days conversions from P3D with the right objects is a quick pass over, I understand it takes a while to create the correct ground layers etc. Happy to help if that’s what needed. When I am back home I will take some pics and upload them:)
  4. Hey team, thanks for bringing EDDS as well to Xplane. small quality issues here: 1. The snap points are very poorly snapped or most likely not snapped into each other creating visual appearance which are incorrect in regards of the ground poly. 2. Runway approach markings on the taxiway are not as used in EDDS. 3. Orthophotos are very poor quality. 4. The airport looks a bit lifeless to me as missing dirty patches on the ground poly, skid marks and much more. Very easy to create and place but make much difference. 5. Image quality of the buildings is low. Not sure if they just had been converted from FSX but the quality of the bitmaos could be improved. thanks for your support.
  5. Hey guys, first thanks for the really quick delivery of this fantastic scenery. good to see more and more Xplane sceneries are entering the market. Now some constructive points of critique There are a lot of missing markings at the moment, which I placed now in WED by myself, however - if you still working on the scenery, it would be great to see them in an update, so others may benefit. - lots of intersection holding points/lines are missing. - deicing areas do not contain the taxi ground numbers as in real live. - some CAT II RWY hold lines are missing. - some TXY lines in the south corner around the GA/maintenance building are completely missing. - CAT II RWY hold lines do not contain amber lights at night time. still try to figure out, if the TWY intersection hold lines are equipped with bi-directional holding lights, which would make sense for Oslo and its geograhics in winter. I placed them for now in my scenery, but still searching for more information. Thats all for now. If the developer is interested in my apt.file for just completing it, feel free to flick me a message. Kind regards, Sascha
  6. Worked out perfectly. Everything is how it would be expected. Many thanks for your help. Not sure why I have completely overlooked this matter. Thumbs up!
  7. oh really, thanks for the tip here. I will give it a try straight away
  8. Hi team, (sorry your support email adress is not working) I am writing you in regards of the latest V1.03 Prague for P3D. I experience major issue with the ground textures, which seems to be missing, as well as the jetways. Actions taken: Reinstall 4 times as Admin, GSX up to date, FTX Vector is adopted so the level of the Airport is correct and excluded from FTX Vector, APC is running fine but even shutting it down and manual start will not change its problem, SODE is V1.33. Nothing seem to work and I am clueless, so obviously there is a major issue which needs to be fixed, as this is a clean and new Computer with a clean P3D installation and all other new or older airports are running without any issues. Here the requested files attached to this email. Windows 10 PRO 64 bit OS. P3D V3.2 AddOn apart from the sceneries: Ezydok, REALISM SHADER PACK, ASN, SODE 1.33, FUIPC (latest version), REX4 TD, VFX CENTRAL for A320 and B777, Scenery Config Editor to administrate my sceneries, GSX (latest Version). Sceneries could be found in the scenries.cfg. I am very happy to hear from you about a possible solution. Kind regards, Sascha Steingrobe dll.xml exe.xml scenery.cfg simobjects.cfg dll.xml exe.xml Prepar3D.cfg apc.cfg
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