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  1. I have not been in all corners, but I am flying it now and looks like ity use to. Installed the normal way, just choosing v5 directory
  2. No problem to me, then my name is not very speciel. It is in my signature.
  3. You need the third mcdu in the prof version of the airbus
  4. No, nothing special, only the built in sound card, and to me it is not a problem.
  5. You are not alone. Just tested on my system with 2 monitors and a GTX970 4 GB ram. The main screen with the cockpit goes silent, just like when I change to another program, and it does not change if the 'mute on lost focus' is checked or unchecked. To me it is not a problem, just wanted to test.
  6. Is this an english or german forum?
  7. Hi! Just curious . Why do you have an Airbus folder in your P3Dv4 folder? Mine is only in the Document folder, nothing in the P3D\simobjects\airplanes folder. And no problems so far after a clean new install of P3Dv4.3 installation.
  8. Hello! Coming back after 2 weeks at work I saw the update and downloaded it, but had the same problem, it could not see my Bushhawk installation. My guess is there might be more then 5-6 customers out here facing the problem. . I did not know that the download file is changed without notice to those who allready have downloaded, and, yes, when it is bush aircrafts, I buy and download as soon as possible. Luckily I have a reasonobly fast download.
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