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  1. I've been a bunch of CTDs with the CRJ after the update. Seems like is freezes MSFS when loading in. As soon as I select another airplane, no issues.
  2. Hello! How can I disable the integration? I just want to be able to load PAX, FUEL and CARGO instantly and not have to wait. Currently when i click in INSTANT LOAD it does nothing. Thanks!
  3. cela resoudra beaucoup de problemes tels qu'ils te sont posés à longueur de post.



  4. Bonjour Clement,


    Pour info tous les produits Aerosoft pour qu'il fonctionnent correctement que l'on soit sur w7, W8, W8.1 ou W10 doivent etre ouvert en mode administrateur.


  5. So happy to be part of the Aerosoft Team!!

  6. Version 1.0


    Very easy instalaton! Works great with the Livery Manager. Enjoy iFlysimX A320 repaint by Pe11e from iFlysimX.com
  7. Love it!! Will you be doing the NC of Air France?
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