We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Another issue I am facing (dont know if others have this too) my pfpx crashes when I try to login to the admin account or when releasing the flight from our admin account. Haven't faced this problem in the normal users account though.
  2. server issue seems to be fixed now. Thanks to all involved
  3. As a PFPX user from day 1 (I bought it as soon as it was released) it is very sad to hear but not suprising. Although customer support was never even at an average level, it is still the best flight planning tool out there.
  4. Eventhough WX appears green I am still not able to get METAR. I chose none and switched back to online and nothing happens NAT on the other hand works.
  5. This happens on default profiles and the 3rd party profiles. The 3rd party profiles are all from a single source... airlineperformance.net The airport pair does not make a diffrence either. It happens on all the routes I have tried to plan my flight. This does not happen on my personal account but on my VA account.
  6. After selecting the flight and moving onto the planning phase my pfpx crashes. Usually this happens when pfpx is loading the aircraft that the flight has been planned with when that scheduled flights was created. This happens only on the VA account both in in dispatcher mode and normal pilot mode. Also it does not matter if I run in admin mode or not. Happens on both of them.
  7. It would be great to be informed of any future updates that will be coming to Fernbus. Any busses or any new countries on the horizon? I beleive that the policy is to create neighboring countries. For example First the sim came out with Germany and neighboring countries like Switzerland, Austria, France and Luxemborg were released. So maybe Netherlands for Hungary can be on the horizon? Since flixbus purchased one of the biggest coach operators in Turkey maybe we can see a Turkey map in the future as well. A bus from the Mercedes-Benz family like the Travego for example would be a nice addition. Would be great to recevie this type of information like we do on the flight sim add ons.
  8. I have opened tickets regarding an issue I have been encountering for quite a while with PFPX. When I connect to my VA's account (Air Anatolia VA) PFPX crashes when planning flights. This does not happen on my personal account and using pfpx in admin or normal mode does not change anything either regarding this problem However ALL of my tickets remained unanswered. Talking about customer satisfaction...
  9. I use some of your profiles already. Very nice additions to pfpx. How about Airbus A32X's with IAE engine configuration? Airbus A332 - A333 with RR engine configurations? Regards, Burak Bugday
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