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  1. New afcad very good for me too in FSX. Regards...Marc
  2. Hi all, SP1 is not intended to be used with Mega Airport.I explained here: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=14075 Regards...Marc
  3. hi all, Just to put things in perspective.That SP1 download is not intended to be used with Mega Airport Brussels for FSX.It was available on their website long before Mega Airport came out.That's why when using it with DX10 it looks so bad.And yes if you unzip it into FSX you get 2 afcad files:the existing AFX one with the errors and a AF2 file intended for FS9.That's why planes take of now but it certainly isn't to be used with FSX.Could have some repaircushions for the scenery like Cornel himself said in another thread here, like messing up rain effect I think it was he said. So we still waiting on that NEW afcad for FSX. Regards...Marc
  4. Hi harpsi, That's not the way to go.It would be like buying a NEW car and when comming home you'd notice the brakes not working and you'd have to repair them yourself.It's not are job to do with a commercial product. Anyway i would at least like to get some REACTION to our posts. Regards...Marc
  5. Hi, Same feeling here.Cornel promised us a new afcad and even a patch for some minor error on shaow or something at papi lights.He said it is uploaded but if that's true where can we find it then? Please don't leave us hanging dry if you care about your custumors! Regards...Marc
  6. Hi all, So still no news on that "├╝ploaded"new afcad for EBBR FSX?And that fi little fix?Hope one let us now where and when it'll be available. Regards...Marc
  7. Hi . Any news yet on the promissed new afcad and little patch for Mega Airport Brussels?Are they available yet and if so where to find them? Regards...Marc
  8. Cornel, T%hx for the nice scenery.But a few things.Are the taxiway signs supposed to be in the middle of the taxiways?I guess not.And since this is a commercial, payed software I hope there be a fix soon? A second thing I noticed is that the jetways are no longer animated?That's a pitty since that was one of the new nicer things in FSX.Hope that can be arranged in an update or so. Regards...Marc
  9. Hi Cornel, Ty for the effort.But where did you uploaded the new afcad and patch too? Regards...Marc
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