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  1. No, and no. But you are all mostly in the correct area! You are often pretty sweatty after a landing here..
  2. I can also add that I am pretty sure that an Extra has never been there lol
  3. It can be hot but that's not what the airport/city is "known" for Nope, pretty close though
  4. Yayy, it hit me when I saw the water on the first pic hehe Anyway, I'll continue the journey with the little Extra, but where?
  5. Naah sorry.. It's got nothing to do with airshows (I think? ). Mathijs was pretty close though..
  6. Okay this isn't getting anywhere lol New tip: It's in south Europe. ICAO starts with L
  7. Hmm maybe it's too hard. It is located just next to the airports old tower and (I think) current firestation.
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