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  1. Hi there, Thanks for the replies. On my machine the larger file is 156,710kb dated 09/07/2016. The original file is the 81,287kb file dated 24/05/2017. I guess the earlier date is because I tend to just update the client on P3D so haven't updated scenery for a while. The reason I think FS Global might have done this is that the same thing has happened in all the other scenery folders so whatever did it must have been a global upgrade - as far as I know FSG is the only global mesh I've installed. All the best, John
  2. Hi there, One thing to check if the LSGG terrain appears wrong. I thought I'd disabled all my addon mesh scenery for this area but it still didn't look quite right. I finally found that this was due to the file dem0601.bgl in Prepar3Dv4/Scenery/0601/Scenery having been backed up as dem0601.bg_ and replaced by a larger version of the file. I suspect this was done by the installation program for Pilots FSGlobal (can anyone confirm that?). Restoring the original version of the file made LSGG look as it should from the screenshots though I'm not sure what side effects might occur. There was, presumably, a reason for the replacement. Probably replacing the default mesh with a more accurate one. Anyway I'm enjoying the airport but can confirm that Geneva Pro does not respond well to add-on meshes (including Switzerland Pro)! All the best, John
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