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  1. So I have this issue, or at least a similar one. Are you guess using V5 with EA on by any chance? I have the issue where the aircraft frames / proformance are fine on take off and upto about 4 hours in the flight then suddenly the frames will plummet as you mentioned above. The way to get around it is to either turn EA off. On In flight or at Top of descent turn of EA by the menu and then turn it back on. Ive given up on aerosoft products now. I've not bought any more as the support is horrendous. This topic is over a month old. It speaks
  2. hows is this EVER an orbx problem, when it only happens at this one airport. why do you always try and bump the blame instead of trying to fix the issue
  3. stop passing the bloody buck dave. name me one other airport where you have to lower the settings so you can land ?? none just this GVA. there is an isssue with the products. do you honestly expect me to believe this rubbish. ir happens in v4 and v5. it happens in all addon a/c inclusing yours you can depart GVA not you cant arrive,. come on Dave, just for once do the right thing and admit your product is at fault try and fix it instead of your your PR tosh. name me one other airport you can fly out of but not
  4. <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> - <System> <Provider Name=".NET Runtime" /> <EventID Qualifiers="0">1026</EventID> <Version>0</Version> <Level>2</Level> <Task>0</Task> <Opcode>0</Opcode> <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords>
  5. back to this junk product again... finals onto 22 today in V5 hf2 in the a320 about 7 nm.. ctd on finals. both autogen and draw distance to meduim. its the product not the system. i get so sick to death of crap unfinished products from aerosoft. no other airport ever ctds on finals for me none, zero, nadda , zilch. just this glitchy junk
  6. nope its real light but he quite clearly said he didnt know what the issue was, but... if common sense prevailed and all the developers had a email group / microsoft one note / or similar thing , they could all work together and help each other out which in turn would fix issues and generate sales between them. Yet the idea of working together is alien to this community always has been from day one.
  7. its a problem with reallight I believe, its well documented on the quality wings forumn. as always if you developers worked together for once to help each other you would of know that before you released your products. You can rename the relight. Dll in the gauges folder
  8. nothing like passing the buck is there mathijs... same issue here... all my addons work fine in v5 apart from the 330 and yes its an issue with LORBI ADDON software. why not email him and work together to solve the issue instead of this passing the buck crap
  9. Morning. Im getting this come up when I try and select a/c from menu in v5... Ive tried chaging add-ons.cfg but every time I lkoad the sim it just deletes the entry from the CFG and
  10. ive also been flying sims for 20 years Dave and in p3d v4 this is THE ONLY AIRPORT that ctds on short finals when on the approach, no other , zero, none, nada, glitch. It is not my system its a glitch in your product. And i save you the hassle before you say your tag line of "weve 1000s of happy customers" I can fly into ANY OTHER airport and not get this issue!
  11. no mine is a fresh install. Can you ask your mate please if he uses fsglobal, orbx lc , or does he have any tweaks in cfg file such as terrain_exp=9. many thanks
  12. are you getting on both runway approaches or just one ?? another ctd for me again. this time on a 5 mile final onto runway 4. there is definatley an issue somewhere.
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