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  1. Hello everyone, Recently I just redownloaded the "Blue and Green" panel colors for the 737 NGX and I got to thinking: could the same thing be done with the Aerosoft A320 family? I've looked all over the internet but couldn't find anything remotely relevant other than that someone managed to get the EXACT cockpit lighting I wanted...but for the default A321 in FSX. I tried looking around in some of the files on my PC relating to the AS A320 family but couldn't find anything that clearly had to do with the colors of the VC lighting. Does anyone know much about this, and have any of you found a "preset" if you will that gets the kind of lighting I was hoping for? Here's what I'm talking about in the default A321. Cheers! -Michael
  2. Hi! I'm not sure if anyone will read this but from what I've found, the only current Spirit liveries available for the entire AS A320 family are for older versions of the product(s) - and therefore do not work with the latest version. Does anyone have a working Spirit Livery (preferably yellow but anything will do) for the AS A321NEO 64bit? Thanks! Michael
  3. Please disregard. I figured out why they weren't working. Had to do with a few mistakes that were made in the text that you have to add to the aircraft.cfg so I just cross-referenced it to a working A321 (sharklets) livery and got it to work. Only problem now is that a large portion of the VC is not visible. Trying to find a work around for this.
  4. Holgi, do you by any chance have a Delta livery for the A321 (sharklets) that works? And if not, would you be able to make one? I've tried like 5 different Delta repaints for the aircraft and none of them work for me unfortunately.
  5. I can't seem to get this repaint (or any Delta A321 repaint) to work in either FSX or P3D. I tried like 4 or 5 different repaints, installing them through the manager and double-checking that they are all in order by looking in the folders manually, and everything checks out. However, I cannot find the Delta A321's in my aircraft selection list anywhere. Can someone help me? I appreciate it, thanks. Michael
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