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  1. The DC-8 in P3D V4 are terrible (13 FPS and under) sitting on the ground not moving. Is there any kind of fix or optimization for this aircraft?
  2. Well for one I didn't believe the statement "The add-on includes a completely redesigned model for the P3D V4 as well as complex animations,". I think its the same old model with just the panel coding made compatible with P3D V4. When you look at the textures in the folders they are 1024 x 1024 nothing new or fancy in my opinion. But at the same time I like the smaller texture sets as its easy on the FPS. The aircraft model may have been recompiled using the system but that's just a WAG on my part. So I guess no paint kit. :( Maybe i'll make my own.
  3. Is there a paint kit for this aircraft? And why does the new version for P3D V4 not have the same paints as the older one for FSX/2004?
  4. Did anyone else get this texture problem after installing 1.10 update?
  5. Well did you find out anything about the dull model? Thanks Greg
  6. I just thought the flight model was not smooth when you are pulling a few g’s. It’s not really a big deal I can play with it and fix it myself I would guess most people don’t have a problem with it. But if we could fix that ugly shine that would be great.
  7. Bump I was told by someone else that there is a no or low shine model. Where can one get it? Thanks
  8. I have just purchased the A-10. downloaded it today Sept 28 2006. Are there any updates to it? I did not see any on your support page just the paint kit. Also is there any fix for the shine on her? (I have yet to see an real A-10 have that much shine on it) Also is there a better flight model? I found some better sounds for her also.
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