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  1. I am very much the same. I love cockpits, make cockpits/systems and fly my aircraft from the cockpit. I make FS videos as well. I like to show my landing/takeoff from the exterior view as well as from the cockpit. Just seen your landing video. The gear looks lovely. It doesn't sink into the ground....that's great....but. There is no real sense of weight of the aircraft on the gear (gear damping) and as I said before the bogie is flat on the ground only when the nose wheel touches should be flat well before. Still it's pretty good compared to what we had before and maybe some tweaks in the aircraft cfg would fix this. Thank you for taking the time to make the vids.
  2. Looks nice. What I meant was on touchdown actuall,. gear suspension and gear animation. A friend of mine made a touchdown video for me. It struck me that the slight bounce on first tyres touching was missing (gear damping) and the aircraft did not sit flat on it's main bogies before the nose wheel touched down.
  3. Thank you for your kind comments guys! I'm going back to flirt with the MD-11 again.
  4. Nice set. What is the gear animation like on this model? I have searched YouTube for a video of this A330 landing external view.....nada.
  5. Thank you C-Dawg! Always great to hear from you. I am still very much in love with FS9.
  6. Thank you Aharon, I very rarely do a full auto land ....wise to make an exception in this case.
  7. Specsavers? As Always - All participants are ONLY allowed 1 image if you post more than one - ONLY the first entry will be judged and the others deleted.
  8. Loving the Piper PA-31T Cheyenne shots.....never flown this beauty. Regards Ed
  9. Dear Torsten, what a lovely comment. Thank you. I normally do not like FS vids myself......can't think of one that I have enjoyed off the top of my head. Making vids is my way of hurrying my self up to finish projects, test the project and at the same time try and provide a (as short as possible) glimpse of my flights. Thank you again. Regards Ed
  10. Gorgeous sceneries still being bought.....only to be let down by the lack of AES support.
  11. Two fantastic airports, both without AES support....... it's ....... very upsetting. Waiting at the ramp..
  12. I downloaded Hama's lovely Rosenbauer fire truck gave it a photorealistic paint and then wrote a water salute effect, added it as a smoke effect in the trucks aircraft cfg. Using FSRecorder I record the trucks in their positions and timed the water salute (smoke effect). I then played back (with FS Recorder) the MD-11 taxi with the trucks as AI traffic.
  13. As this was my first virtual visit to Mumbai I gave myself a water salute.
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