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  1. Thanks for getting back so quickly. I had trouble downloading it for a few days but just tried it now 10:30 local time UK and it whizzed through the download no probs. Regards Niall
  2. Hello Peter, I am trying to download Cumulus X and all searches lead to http://luerkens.homepage.t-online.de/peter/index.html being the place to download. I follow the link on this page http://luerkens.homedns.org/CumulusX/CumulusX.1.8.0.zip which just times out on both firefox and IE. Any ideas? I prefer just to buy the latest versions of FSX addons that have an installer so if there is a pay for, get everything you need minimum amount of fuss to install version I will happily pay for that. I'm finding the Condor version of my home site Edensoaring a little bit low res compared with the latest FSX photo scenery of the Pennine ridges but obviously can't ridge soar this visually stunning ridge in FSX. Thanks for reading this.
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