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  1. heidem

    FOB never below 2.880 kgs

    I've noticed on a number of flights on the A320 and the A321 (version that the amount of fuel on board on the ECAMs won't drop below 2.880 kgs. However, comparing the GW and the ZFW, the amount of FOB was actually below 2800 kgs. Is this supposed to happen or is there something wrong?
  2. heidem

    Ventilation Sounds

    No issues on tonights flight with the A321-231, version
  3. heidem

    Ventilation Sounds

    I had the same issue with the hissing ventilation sounds yesterday on my first flight with the A321-231 on (didn't report it yet, because I also had an issue with the cabin signs and wanted to make sure it was'nt something I was doing wrong). I just updated to and about to start a new flight, will check if the issue comes up again.
  4. heidem

    Polar Route Tracks

    Looking at http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_16/polar_fig1.html I believe they’re already in PFPX. Airways G489 (Polar 1) and B480 (Polar 2) still exist. G491 (Polar 3) seems to be replaced by M171, and G494 (Polar 4) by N989.
  5. I tried three setups with the spoilers: 1. Axis assigned as "Send to FS as normal axis" and leave the axis not processed on the Joystick Calibration tab: no issues 2. Axis assigned as "Send to FS as normal axis" and calibrate the axis on the Joystick Calibration tab: the plane won't climb, but spoiler isn't displayed as extended on the FCTL page 3. Axis assigned as "Send direct to FSUIPC calibration" and calibrate the axis on the Joystick Calibration tab: no issues On Nov 24 I used the second setup as well (calibrated it to reverse the axis)
  6. I am aware that I'm responding to a two month old topic, but I had the exact same issue today (version 1.0.2). I had axis assigned via FSUIPC for spoilers, flaps, throttle 1 and throttle 2 and the CRJ-900 just wouldn't climb. The issue was solved after I cleared the spoilers axis and the flaps axis in FSUIPC (I obviously should have tried one at a time, but I didn't).
  7. I have the same issue. P3D v4 and
  8. heidem

    Outside spot view via F11?

    Yes. Check out p. 20 of volume 1 for more predefined views and their commands.
  9. From the first page of this thread.