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  1. Yep as @Mathijs Kok mentioned, the issue that tool using the default simvars for the throttle, is the same issue for any add-one that implements custom throttle handling e.g CRJ and FBW with the experimental autopilot, here is the issue https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Recorder/issues/25 @Abriael please feel free to comment on that github issue so it can get more attention
  2. Hello team, I have purchased the new EDDB and I am fan of the new lighting system, it makes things look way more realistic and not that blue light show lol. Here is my question, is there plans to use this new lighting system in other airports like EDDK? Thanks
  3. In regards to performance, I have noticed something very weird, when I am on the ground, at some point, the sim will limit itself to the memory that it can use and thus reduce the FPS. This doesn't happen all the time, for example yesterday I did two flights from EDDK and the FPS was solid ~40 and the memory consumption is more or less at 16gb. Today I got this: Honestly I don't know if this is a sim problem or the CRJ problem but if I restart the sim again, it will go back to normal
  4. Hello team, So far so good with the CRJ. However I have noticed limited amount of instruments pre defined camera views, for example for overhead or pedestal. Although I can set custom views for these, nevertheless would be nice if more camera views can be added for instruments
  5. Although I have no performance issues, I think for the fairness, the MSFS is at a state that is hard to pinpoint any performance issues because of SU3 has introduced performance issues by itself.
  6. @Mathijs Kok I saw this interview here https://www.simflight.de/der-erste-grosse-vogel-von-aerosoft-bald-im-msfs-interview-mit-mathijs-kok/. I am confused about this part: So it means the autopilot is not 100% custom? Or you meant something else here? Thanks
  7. I don't know why but I have the feeling it will be released when we have 200 pages celebration which is I bet in few days lol
  8. Hey @Mathijs Kok, So now based on the CRJ, how do you feel about the MSFS SDK or shape of thing? Do you think it is ready to handle more complex airliners? The reason for my question is, there is a lot of misinformation going around in reddit, Avsim ..etc, like people claiming that SDK is not ready .. etc although we see more and more airliners announcements for MSFS, maybe if these people hearing it from you, will put this discussion of SDK is not ready to sleep 😅. I know some users are just overreacting and being Anti MSFS, knowing their favorite sim is getting less attention because of MSFS.
  9. Ah perfect! So it means that I can download a generated flightplan from Simbrief. However, I hope the format of the flightplan is supported by Simbrief, they do however have the support for Aerosoft CRJ flightplan but for P3D version, I'd assume MSFS takes the same flightplan format as the P3D version?
  10. I have few questions, maybe they were answered and I didn't see : Can we load and save flightplans? Is setting a tiller axis supported at the moment? I know that MSFS doesn't have a tiller axis and hence I am wondering if you guys being blocked by this in case there is still no support for it in the CRJ. Thanks, Omar
  11. I hope the streamers that will get it a real life pilots streamers. With all respect to some other streamers that they stream it like game-ish like streaming or only for entertaining. Real life pilots streamer like Sim Pilot or V1 Simulations, you learn a lot of them and not just stream for entertaining :).
  12. But what is the plan for future updates? Now with more complex add-ones, the more sensitive the updates from Asobo that may impact these add-ones, the flap and slats were a good example. Are they going to release beta builds at least for third party developers to make sure things won't break or prepare for the changes? Because honestly I am scared of these kind of things.
  13. Indeed, I was very surprised how is that happening, MSFS is sort of SaaS (Software of Service) that relies on internet services that is different from a typical sim/game out there. With this paradigm, it comes the challenge to manage this, to have a fallback CI, to have on-call shifts .. etc. It looks to me that, whatever goes through their pipeline, never come back kind of thing, which is very astonishing coming from a company that is a strong player in the cloud offering and it should have the strong experience to deal with this scale of infrastructure (MSFS is huge, very huge to manage!). I really hope with this heat that they are getting from tons of angry users and developers (some of whom actually working over the weekends and thus 3 or 4 days just lost), they will rethink of their infrastructure strategy, have a proper staging and production system, have the proper fallback systems in case things go south, have a proper infrastructure in general to manage software in this scale. Indeed, this time was just very frustrating showdown for all people and as I said before, we deserve an explanation on what happened and can they assure us this will not happen again.
  14. Although it is upsetting that Bing team pushed such a change that caused issues for thousands of users without checks, I think this is the most sensible solution to do. I hope Microsoft/Asobo will offer us an explanation on what happened and how they shall prevent such things in the future.
  15. Dont worry, that company its quality is just meh comparing to Joe Erlend's quality! I didn't buy it, I will just wait for this version to release
  16. Well I don't think Microsoft has fixed the issue from their end, I am still getting CTD on almost every third party airports. Did you guys escalate this to Microsoft? I think with more pressure (official fourms and third party developers), they will react on it faster. In my opinion, the sim now is broken. It is really astonishing how can they push something to production one day before the weekend, now let them deal with the storm
  17. Hello team, Now we have CTD upon loading the scenery in almost every Aerosoft and Sim Wings airports. Is clearly not an issue from Aerosoft but indeed from Microsoft and Asobo has changed things to bing data that causes CTDs upon scenery loading. My question here, did you you escalate this issue to Microsoft and Asobo? Thanks
  18. I would look at the dates towards end of February. This week is too tight I guess, next week, well others will test the RC release and the marketing will kick off, therefore I am sure it will be the week after next week of 22.02-26.02
  19. lol, if it will be released, it will be most likely after the UK update . Therefore the F5 will make sense on Thursday or Friday
  20. Niiice to see this happening! A question, would we a see a wingflex in the Aerosoft A320? After seeing the wingflex in the default Asobo Airbus, that wingflex looks so magnificent especially on landings or taxi 😃
  21. Awesome thanks! I have been waiting for EDDM to show up in the Marketplace due to ease in updates but didn't show up until now and my patience is running out :D. Hence, as long as I can update my airports through ASupdater, I don't think it a big issue if I just buy it from Aerosoft store instead of the ingame Marketplace. Thanks again.
  22. Hello Team, I know that there are certain airports like EDDK can be updated through AS Updater tool. However, what about other airports from different creators but being bought on aersoft.com, For example EDDM or Ibeiza from simwings? Can I still buy these from Aerosoft store and use the updater tool to update these airports whenever there is an available update? Thank you
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