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  1. Good question, I was wondering the same. I think this going to be one of the biggest single product releases in the history of flight sims. Probably along the lines of the PMDG NGX release for FSX.
  2. Thank you! I assumed all modern jets can do it. The G1000 I fly in the Da40 can do it. I just wanted to know if it can be done in the Aerosoft version. Thanks a lot for the explanation!
  3. Can we the FMS to intercept an airway and join it?
  4. Will the CRJ in MSFS simulate ALL of the systems it did in P3D? Or will it simulate more systems...any way we could get a quick and dirty list as to what is being simulated in the MSFS version?
  5. Will the MSFS CRJ go at least as deep into systems as the P3D version or more ? I’m trying to get a feel for what the project is suppose to simulate.
  6. Good! This is huge for me. Say, why where the gauges in P3D slow just the type of coding ?
  7. Will the vc displays be super smooth, I remember in the P3D version the vc displays acted a bit slow, like there was sorta delay in them. In some addons (q400) the displays are like liquid smooth and makes it a lot easier when flying in IMC to fly very precise.
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