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  1. Sorry for the P.S.- line. I didn´t know that the videoscreen is automaticly in such a post. I tried to edit the post right after recognising this, but somethin went wron so i can´t edit the post. So just don´t mention this line.
  2. For all those, who can´t watch the musicvideo on youtube, here is the original scene from the movie and what happend next. Enjoy watchig! P.S. I don´t know how to put a videosceen like 783 into such a post. If someone can give me an advise, i will edit this post.
  3. This picture showes a scene from the Film "A view to a kill" from 1985. After escaping from the Zorin-mine, where Bond, Stacey and Mayday defused the bomb that should destroy Silicon Valley, Stacey Sutton was picked up by Zorin, his guy Scarpine and his father Carl Mortner who were passing by in there blimp. Bond was able to catch one of the holdingropes and is now hanging under the blimp while Zorin is flying over the bay of San Francisco to smash him at the Golden Gate Bridge. Used Addons: Aerosoft: Alcatraz (Fs9) Thomas Röhl: Zeppelin NT Repaint: by myself
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