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  1. Thank you. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. Perhaps there will be an update. Liveries that are not used save a lot of space on the hard disk.
  2. Thanks. But i can´t find the crj aircraft.cfg file.
  3. Good day! Is it possible to hide individual CRJ liveries that are not used in the aircraft selection menu of the MSFS? Normally you can set a 0 or 1 in the aircraft.cfg. Many thanks for any tips. Greeting HAKL
  4. I have given up. Tried all the solutions listed, but nothing helped. I hope that the programmer will soon offer a usable clue to the problem or a patch/update. The statement "it works for thousands of users" is simply unprofessional. My solution after 2 days of pointless experimenting is: Complete uninstallation and return to the manufacturer. Support looks different. 😞
  5. Hello! I have this problem as well. Downloaded the file from the Aerosoft site and installed it. Started MSFS, selected aircraft and airport. Shortly before the end of the first loading of the CRJ, MSFS crashes. I have also emptied the complete community folder except Aerosoft CRJ and performed the administrator start without VC, no change. But i can´t find any m-files. Best regards
  6. Even my problem. After installation it is not displayed in the selection menu of FSX.
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