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  1. I have the boxed version of PFPX. Where can I find update 2.04 to download? Dom
  2. Apologize if this is not the correct forum to post my question, but I did not know where else to ask this question: When installing SODE in P3DV5 which is the correct installation folder to specify; Program Data or Program Files (x86)? I have a 12b subfolder in each and am confused as I cannot activate any jetways. Thanks Dom
  3. I recently installed both busses for P3DV5 version 1401. I see the following and would like to confirm the paths: E:\Prepar3D v5\gauges\TrueGlass.dll" is located within the gauges directory. a config file exists in a Trueglass folder along with a shaders subfolder. E:\Prepar3D v5\gauges\RealLight.dll" is located in the gauges directory only a RealLight folder contains a shaders subfolder only. Help? Thanks Dom
  4. Hello Peter, log attached. Note that I had to repair P3DV5 and afterwards NG started. However, I lost my profiles which may be a blessing as they were very basic. The problem I wrote about occurred on 16 May. Also enjoyed your live stream. A lot of work went into this NG project and I for one would consider this a "must have". Thanks again Dom SIMstarter NG.log
  5. I cannot start the application today after using it earlier. Have downloaded from Simmarket account and numerous installations have failed. The problem when NG could not detect the P3D platform. Please find the log attached. I cannot send a debug pack since I cannot access the interface. Dom from Maryland SIMstarter NG Settings.ini
  6. V 1.02 only has an option to install into P3D V2. Can you please advise how you did this? Thanks Dom
  7. V 1.02 only has an option to install into P3D V2. How do i get this to install into P3DV4.3?
  8. Are there considerations or other instructions with respect to installing into P3DV4? I have version 1.02, installed it, and nothing seemed to be in the correct location relative to P3Dv4. Dom
  9. Hello Mathjis,

    Please look at my account postings.  Can you please advise how and why my member reputaion rating has bee given has been a rating of poor?  This is highly disturbing after these many years of loyalty.

    I have bee experiencing installation problems with Berlin-Tegel_x as you can see from my threads and have been seeking help.  I believe I have acted in a responsible member following the rules and regulations.  I did have on post locked by TomA320.  Is that sufficient for disparaging my reputation and I would appreciate a response and remedy.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  10. Can you tell me what is the correct install path in V1.31 for FSX? Is it program files x86 or the root FSX folder? I caqnnot get his right and if you view my other post, I have lost the visual display under free flight. Thanks Dom
  11. Thanks Oliver, for the solution. I presume the same logic applies to GA-3 2012. Thanks Dom
  12. I am having a difficult time resolving this issue. The errors all pertain to German Airports 2-2012 updated. I do not see the duplicate entries in the cfg file. The AES and AFD paths are specified at the bottom of the scenery.cfg. Can you help? Thanks Dom
  13. I am a bit confused regarding this title. I purchased my FS2004 version in box form direct from Aerosoft (version 1.2). I see that there are further updates to the FS2004 version on the FlyTampa site. Question 1. Do these updates apply to my boxed Aerosoft version? Question 2. I wish to purchase the upgrade to FSX. Do I purchase this from FlyTampa or Aerosoft/Simmarket? Thanks Dom
  14. Followed your suggestion but no change in results. Same as before. Thanks Dom suggestion
  15. I recently re-installed Mega Airport FrankfurtX for FS2004. The order of installation was version 1.0, then version 2.01 and finally version update 2.02. There is a file named EDDF_APPRTW.BGL which contains all of the taxiways signs. When viewed in FS_Nav, this file has a higher priority than the Afcad file AF2_EDDF_Gap-Team_Full_with_Custom_AI.bgl, and as such graphically hides the gate indicators. They of course are present in the simulator. Removing the file EDDF_APPRTW.BGL allows the gates to be represented graphically in FS-Nav at the cost of losing the taxiway signs. Has anyone experienced this and if so, is there a work around to allow both files to co-exist. Thanks Dom
  16. Has anyone executed a successful ILS vectored approach to this airport? I have tried 3 flights Istanbul-Antalya using RC4 to no avail. I am using the modified AFX_LTAI.bgl by Billy Rutherford. Any help or insight is appreciated as this becoming increasingly frustrating. Thanks Dom
  17. Resolved...........thanks RContact file edited to add the Hamburg radar frequency for approach.
  18. Thanks....still working to resolve this. I cannot discover what changed from mid January to now to cause this to happen. Perhaps a missing AES file in the scenery folder? Dom
  19. After installing AES2.21, FlyTampa-Seattle is shown as off even though all credits have been assigned. I did not have this issue with 2.14prior. The scenery is installed correctly and recognized in FS9. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Dom
  20. I do not detect an approach frequency listed in the AF2_EDDH_2009.bgl when viewed in AFCAD221. I attempted two flights using Radar Contact version 4.3.3845 for FS9 and neither received instructions for a vectored approach. Did I miss something? Also please confirm that the current version is version 1.02 Thanks Dom
  21. I have Brussels 2007 for FS9 by FSDreamFactory which I originally purchased via Simmarket in 2007. It appears that the Aerosoft Mega Airport BrusselsX is a dual package for both FSX and FS9. If this is so, is the FS9 part of the package the same as my current Brussels 2007 version? Or is the Aerosoft Mega Airport BrusselsX a completely new version for both FSX and FS9? Thanks Dom
  22. I currently have Luxembourg Airports 2004 version 1.10 installed which was purchased through Simmarket. I noticed that an updated full version 1.20 is available on the Aerosoft updates page. Should version 1.10 be uninstalled completely before installing version 1.20? Also, since version 1.10 was purchased through Simmarket, should I even install the the Aerosoft update? Thanks Dom
  23. I use FS2004 and Ultimate Terrain. When I call AESHelp v2,14, there is a popup window indicating that AESHelp has detected duplicate active areas link to the same directory: 2-default terrain-<path>scenery\world 23-Europe & Africa-<path>scenery\world What is the correct response to the question "should AES deactivate the lower area in the library? Thanks Dom Happy New Year
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