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  1. Recommend this be pinned for future reference
  2. Hello Peter, What is the purpose of this option in extended settings and is it something I should use? Dom
  3. Hello Peter My simobjects config as viewed in the manager appears to have multiple redundant entries. Can I safely rename or delete my config set and have SimStarterNG rebuild it? Dom
  4. What does this message indicate? Run-time error -2147221020 (800401e4)': Automation error invalid syntax Dom
  5. Hello Peter, you noted that v1.8.5.2 ist now in available in the Aerosoft Update-Database. Is this different from v 1.8.5 revision 2 cuurently running on my system? Also, I just noticed that rev 3 is available Dom
  6. meccadom

    ND pop up

    I for one would like to have some instruction on how to create this. Dom
  7. Thanks.. Maybe the gremlins are out. No sooner did i post my reply to you, that I went back to my account and viewed the original FSX purchase, and saw the discounted update notice. I purchased it, installed and will test. Thanks again for your help. Dom
  8. Thanks. I downloaded from my Simmarket account and still get the old version/installer. Are you referring to the version from Justsim or Aerosoft? Dom
  9. While we await the Aerosoft version, how can the previous Justsim version 1.00 be installed into P3DV4? What are the steps or adjustments as the installer has an option of P3Dv3 only Thanks Dom
  10. Working now crc check A276117B, version installer v1100.2 thanks for the support Dom
  11. Will we be notified when the installer is updated? Dom
  12. OK Please disregard this. After some digging, the answer resides in this post. Seems the culprit is Hamburg Pro if you read down to the end. Dom LINK TO POST: Edited by staff to provide the link to the referenced post.
  13. Where can you find the link to download the standalone AS Updater? I still cannot connect Dom.
  14. Using the AS Updater On 15 November I, i updated the Airbus professional series to v1.2.1.4 and EDDK professional to v1.0.3.0. Just a while ago I attempted to run the updater with no success. The window opens but there is no connection with the server. Is it down? If not, how can I bring it back? Logs attached. Thanks Dom Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional_1.2.1.4_Log.txt Cologne-Bonn Professional_1.0.3.0_Log.txt Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional_1.2.1.4_Log.txt
  15. OK Thanks. Let's put this to rest. Dom
  16. If I understand your reply, only the version sold direct by Flightbeam will support this, am I correct? Dom
  17. I purchased this title through my Simmarket account and installed as V1.11. I notice that the season switcher does not correctly identify the current season as Fall but rather as Summer. Any thoughts about what I am missing and how to correct this? Sode is current at v1.63. Dom
  18. Hello Peter, Can you help with this? How can I clean this up? Thanks Dom
  19. Does GSX2 integrate the pax count with the MCDU and if so how is it done? Thanks
  20. Thanks for the discourse, but still have some difficulty grasping this. Can you please look at the attached Simbrief plan and show this to me graphically in FuelPlanner advanced mode so that I may see where the data is entered? thanks Dom EBBREGLL_PDF_1539972099.pdf
  21. V 1.02 only has an option to install into P3D V2. Can you please advise how you did this? Thanks Dom
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