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  1. da gerade eine neue Version für XPlane erschienen ist : Wird es denn noch ein P3D Update geben ? Verdient hätte es die momentane Version sicher ! Mike
  2. Yes, I have. It's all in there as it's supposed to be Mike
  3. Yup, I do. Thanks for the heads-up., much appreciated. I have seen your thread in the Navigraph forum and will follow it. Mike
  4. I wonder if we will ever see night lighting like in the attached EDDF photo. I haven't seen anything like that in any scenery, not even close. Just meant as something to consider for future sceneries . Please no more dull airport lighting 🙂 Mike
  5. it was mentioned here already, not sure if it's a 5 character limit problem.
  6. I tried the fix by Guenter and it is still not working, jetways do not move. P3Dv5 and is installed. Sode.log has this ... [14:47:41.563] INFO SODE.FSLOOP : - SimObject 'aerosoft_LSGG_SODE_Jetways:Gate B44' [LSGG_Jetway_Type004]. ID: 62 [14:47:41.609] INFO SODE.FSLOOP : + SimObject 'aerosoft_LSGG_SODE_Jetways:Gate B44' [LSGG_Jetway_Type004_Static_B44]. ID: 63 [14:47:43.745] WARN SODE.FSLOOP : [JETWAY CONTROL SYSTEM] No 'jetway.cfg' found. Unable to move Jetway... Any ideas ?
  7. I made a side-by side comparison on my Desktop and Laptop of the CRJ in P3Dv5 and MSFS, a flight exactly parallel. While LNAV in P3Dv5 is not perfect either, in the latest CRJ version it is definitely better than in MSFS now. The main reason might be the turn radius, it is much tighter now in MSFS than in P3D. I remember that incorrect turn radius was always an issue in FSX, then carried over to P3D. So I'm wondering, has the CRJ LNAV being carried over from the P3D version straight into MSFS ? Looks like the now correct turn radius leads to the wrong turn anticipation now (see the screenshot above, I exactly made the same observationa). If the turn anticipation goes that wrong, it makes the entire turn look bad, because the lateral offset inevitable needs correction then. However, just a thought... Unfortunately I can't contribute with details how to reproduce this. I see the problem on every flight. Mike
  8. Well, Number 23 here. For me it looks like turn anticipation comes way too early, then the inevitable lateral offset needs correction. Which is done too aggressive with 30deg bank S-turns. Setting it to 1/2BANK helps a bit, but then the correction often takes way too long, sometimes up to the next waypoint. That's not a new problem though, it plagues the CRJ since the first P3D version and got only marginally corrected. Mike
  9. oh, Ok, thanks for the information. Then just making textures available here would be certainly a much appreciated compromise ! Mike
  10. Oh, that's surprising, but I was already wondering why no MSFS scenery contains any configurator. So if you change textures in the Community folder, MSFS does not consider it at the next start ? Mike
  11. who knows when this will happen that far north :). What about putting this in a configurator, so the user can decide himself ? Mike
  12. Oh, OK ! I'm new to MSFS 2020, didn't know that. I'll turn the airport vehicles off then, to see them on active taxiways is too much of an immersion killer. Thanks, Oliver, and sorry to bother you with that. Mike
  13. To my surprise, I found some vehicles standing on Taxiway S, and even met a bus approaching me after turning S7 - S. Could you remove these please. Mike
  14. As the title says , transitions need more than just 5 characters. In this case to distinguish between e.g. GIPOL28/RILAX28 and GIPOL34/RILAX34 If you click on any of them, it selects both, so you get e.g. <SEL>RILAX twice, which is wrong as well. Mike
  15. In there are still gates where SODE VDGS is incorrect, B5 is an example. The STOP indication comes already very far out from the final position, looks like the distance is incorrectly set.
  16. I could not reproduce it today, now I got indication for all I checked. Sorry, don't know what went wrong yesterday. So that leaves only Gate C8 with wrong indication (STOP already too far from final position)
  17. Ok, I will do. In the meantime you might check the one I mentioned : "at some gates (e.g. C8) they indicate STOP already very far out from the final position." Type of aircraft is FSLabs A320, it usually works fine with VDGS. Interestingly, here one can see the VDGS at LLBG in action. Bit strange it was uploaded at "funny video", but doesn´t matter : https://funny-video-online.com/watch/o5z2m3q4p4v353f5n2c4j4.html
  18. Hi David, could you check the SODE VDGS implementation. At some gates they do not indicate at all, at some gates (e.g. C8) they indicate STOP already very far out from the final position. I copied the VDGS xml in place. Mike
  19. Thank you , much appreciated. There is still a huge difference day to night, but I understand it is due to P3D limitation.
  20. at this point I am beginning to notice the lights.
  21. The Lead-In Lights are very difficult to see, especially at daytime. Shouldn't they be brighter, and visible from the MDA ? However, I'm aware this might be sim limitation. But could they be made more prominent, e.g. by increasing and then gradually reducing the size, if one comes closer ? Mike
  22. Hello Jo-Erlend, Hm, just after rechecking everything is in place as you mentioned, I started the configurator again and now it is there. No idea what happened the first time. But sorry to bother you, you can close this ! Mike
  23. Are you sure, I got P3Dv5 version and corresponding update info and new installer from Simmarket : AEROSOFT - COLOGNE-BONN PROFESSIONAL P3D You will find the link to download this update in your user account -> orders listing -> order number: AS_COLOGNE-BONN-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV5_V1090.zip AS_EDDK-SODE-JETWAYS_1_09.zip NEW FOR P3D V5! Version - Added support for Prepar3D V5 - Updated parking positions based on current data - Fixed incorrect markings at stand W34 - Fixed incorrect centerline markings at A11, A17 and E10 - Optional SODE files has been updated to version 1.9 and is available as a separate download Mike
  24. Hello, I have just installed the P3Dv5 version and corresponding SODE 1.09. I have installed the SODE folder as directed, but the option remains inactive in the configurator. Latest SODE version 1.68 is installed. What could I have done wrong ? Mike
  25. worked for me, too, now I have V1.3. Thanks Mike
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