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  1. As you approach Teide mountain, autogen trees are coming back. The other screenshot is around GCTS airport and autogen looks normal.
  2. Hi, I use the above mentioned scenery and noticed that a few miles away from the airport autogen seems to be missing (see picture). Around the airports everything looks normal with custom placed autogen. Is this normal? On the picture you see the photo ground only and no autogen. As said before this changes as you approach the airports. I had some issues with other scenerys and ORBX autogen definitions causing issues. I run P3Dv4 HF3 Cheers Philipp
  3. Hi Shaun, thank you very much. I downloaded and installed V1.3 now. Works good. Thanks. Best regards. Philipp
  4. Hi Shaun, thanks for your reply. I visited my account and couldn't find a download link for the latest version of Budapest. I found an information that a download was active until the 24th November 2007. But I think this was meant for the basic version, which I downloaded immediately after buying the scenery. Normally updates aren't time limited. There is an active download link for the new FSX version but this one wasn't developed for FS 9. Thanks for further help. Best regards. Philipp
  5. Hi, I read that Budapest V1.3 has already been released for FS9. I bought V1.0 some time ago and upgraded to version 1.2 during the last time. No I wanted to upgrade my Budapest scenery to Version 1.3 but I can't find an update/patch. Not in the update section nor in my personal account where I bought the scenery. Where can I get version 1.3 ? Thanks a lot. Best regards. Philipp
  6. Hi, I haven't received an answer from PTSIM until now but I could solve the problem. It seemed to be a Windows Vista problem. 1. I installed a Windows Vista Memory Patch/Upgrade (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=A156E265-40FF-468E-BBA2-3D1E1929C416&displaylang=en) 2. After that I installed the latest BIOS version and some additional ugdates (CPU, new graphic drivers...) After all that the CTD in Madeira never came back! I can't say which of all these system upgrades solved the problem but after installing them the CTD in Madeira was gone. I hope this can help somebody who gets the same problems like me. I got these great hints from some other flight sim users at the FlightXPress froum. Thanks to them! Best regards. Philipp
  7. Hi, I know that you don't support compatibility problems of FSX products which have been installed on FS9. I have got a general question: Is it possible to install Aspen and Dillingham on FS9 ? Are the airports visible in FS9 or are they 100% incompatible ? Thanks for your answers. Best regards. Philipp
  8. Hi, OK, I will contact you if I will get a response. Best regards. Philipp
  9. Seems like nobody can help me with my problem. I am going to contact PTSIM directly now. Best regards. Philipp
  10. Hi Oliver, thanks for your answer. It isn't a problem of AES. I followed your advise. Later I reinstalled it too, without AES, and the problems where still there. Regards, Philipp
  11. Hi Robin, thank you very much for your answer. Your advise sounds good but it didn't solve the problem. Best regards, Philipp
  12. Hi, I use the Wonderful Madeira scenery for approximately three years and I never had any problems with it. Six month ago I bought a new flightsim computer, which runs on Windows Vista. Yesterday I wanted to fly to Madeira on my new computer for the first time. During final approach on RWY 05 the computer crashed and an error message, telling me that FS2004 has to be closed due to problems, appeared. I tried to find out what causes the problem. So I moved all files ot of the Wonderful Madeira folders as long as the crash was gone. I found out that the file with the name "lpma.bgl" causes the problem. It is the bgl-file which creates the airport. If I move this file out of the Madeira folder all "crash-problems" are gone but the airport too. :wink: 1. I have got no other add-on sceneries installed in the Madeira are. The next sceneries to Madeira are UT Europe and Project Canarias but these sceneries doesn't affect the Madeira area. 2. I tried to install and reinstall the scenery but the problems still remained. 3. I am useing AES. But AES isn't responsible for the problems. I disabled AES and deinstalled it and the problems remained with or without AES. 4. I have got the freeware "Wonderful Madeira Improvement Pack" installed. But this isn't responsible for the crash too. I found it out because I reinstalled the scenery without the improvement pack. So the problem is in the lpma.bgl. If I move the lpma.bgl out of the FS folder I have got no problems in Madeira. I can still use all the other scenery enhancement. I guess that it could be a Vista problem because I never had problems with the Madeira scenery on my old Windows XP flightsim computer. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much. Philipp
  13. That is a real pity. Please don't forget your loyal clients that prefer FS9. For "real" flying FSX is still unusable. PLEASE think about a FS9 version! Philipp
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