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  1. Marco Aurelio

    Livery Manager in P3Dv4

    That's it ! Thanks Hans, Marco Aurélio
  2. Marco Aurelio


    Hi Agustin, Sorry, I don't know about Flight Sim Store, I've purchased CRJ at Aerosoft Store and I found the new version there. Warmly, Marco Aurélio
  3. Hi, Recently reading Aircraft Operating Manual Part 1 / version date 3 september 2017 / page 1-1-32 ....... I read : " You will find the livery manager in FSXMainFolder\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Livery Manager Folder " ...... but I didn't find Aerosoft folder in my P3Dv4 root directory. My present CRJ version is I'm using Delta livery that was chosen from inside the simulator itself since I've started to use CRJ . My question is : Aerosoft folder doesn't exist in P3Dv4 plataform or I have missed it ? Warmly, Marco Aurélio
  4. Marco Aurelio


    Hi Captain, My grateful thanks for replying. Copied ! Warmly, Marco Aurélio
  5. Marco Aurelio


    Hi Guys, Just to confirm....... we are now on version ? Thanks, Marco Aurélio
  6. Marco Aurelio

    Get your free Mitchell Wing V1.01 here.....

    Thanks so much Aerosoft !
  7. Marco Aurelio

    Airbus A320 NEO jetBlue N821JB

    Thanks and congratulations to your pretty job Holger ! Warmly, Marco Aurelio
  8. Marco Aurelio

    ATIS in Madeira Airport

    Does Aerosoft Madeira Scenery hasn't ATIS ?, or is a localized FSX trouble ? The charts show ATIS frequency in Madeira airport, but the documentation only states TWR/APP/NDB and VOR frequencies. Congratulations on beautiful job in Madeira Scenery. Marco Aurelio from Brazil.